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Cimarron City Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2011
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Office Staff
For quite some time now the new owners of the property has been doing renovations on the cmplex. These were much needed renovation so they are greatly appriciated. However, the pool nestled in the center of a few of the buildings has suffered. No one seems to care that the pool's pump doesn't work. No one seems to care that the pool has debris and leaves and seriously looks like something might be living in it, but who can tell?! You can't see thru the murky green water!! Since the complex was taken over by the new owner, there has been an increase in animal droppings. Even with their sign that says people will be fined for not picking up their animals waste. Doesn't seem to phase the tenants. Another thing I've noticed is the rise of vandalism. There's graffitti on a few fences and at one point on the mailboxes. I do not recommend moving here. But if you do...expect to step into dog poo and probably catch some sort of skin ailment from the non circulating pool. Seems they usually pour enough clourine in there to make the water clear for about a week. Oooh, almost forgot! The lighting around the buildings is horrible! They never stay on. Probably has to do with the rise of te vandalism. So, have a can of mace or a taser or something...cuz you never know wha might happen when walking in the dark.
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Cimarron City Apartments

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