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Cimarron City Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
We have not been here that long, so this review is just based on the condition of things since December. But these things were not explained to us, so I want to see it doesn't happen to someone else. If you live in a downstairs unit, there is no sub flooring buffer between you and your upstairs neighbors. They didn't think about that when they put in vinyl flooring in the upstairs units. You will hear everything neighbors watch on tv, when they use the bathroom, when they walk, when their children play, and these ceilings are very low. The walls are also paper thin. We hear our neighbor yelling at her little boy to go to sleep at midnight, and we hear his crying response. Lets talk about water. Should just be automatically a given that when you pay rent you will have water. Cold or hot, any time you turn it on. Well not here. The system is very old, they have a boiler room, and it breaks down. In the first 2 weeks we lived here, we had one morning with no hot water, and 4 afternoon/mid evenings with no hot water, and 2 days where we had no water pressure. And now again this morning we had no hot water yesterday afternoon into the evening, it was on for about an hour, and then was off all night. My husband got up for work and did not get a shower. This was not mentioned before we moved in. It was mentioned how we needed to follow their rules, but not once as it mentioned we would have many times of being without hot water and that you will not notify residents of it happening, or for how long. There is a Government Agency here in Universal city that takes complaints of apartment complexes, and I hate to submit a complaint, but you can not just keep band-aiding a very old boiler and make your residents deal with the repercussions of that decision. We need hot water. All the time. Every time. That is our right as tenants. I would not move here under the condition of the faulty boiler issue. And if you read the reviews on other sites, this issue has been on-going for a long time. And it has not been replaced. So that tells you something. They don't feel this is a HUGE priority to replace, so that we all have hot water all the time. It was not mentioned before move-in, you do not receive notices its going off, or being repaired yet again, and I feel that is absolutely their responsibility to do so. We will not renew a lease at a place that does not provide the basic essentials. That is just common sense, oh yeah, and its a Texas Law.
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Cimarron City Apartments

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