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Resident · 2017
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Office Staff
POST-HURRICANE REVIEW: We are now going into December and since the hurricane came through 3 months ago all they have done is strip out the apartments. Not one thing has been done to fix the apartments. Plastic for ceilings. Roofs with tarps still on them. Interior walls that are not there. Carpet has been removed as well as the linoleum floors. Trying to use the AC on hot days or heat on cold nights is useless because the AC/heater can't keep up since the plastic ceilings do not insulate anything. Whenever we ask someone when they are going to fix things, all we hear is, "We don' know". Most people have either moved out of their own volition or have been told to leave. The office staff here is not to blame. They are nice people who are as frustrated as most of the remaining tenants. One lives on the premises as does one of the maintenance people. The management office is in Florida and they are controlling everything. Apparently they had hired workers from Florida to come fix the place up, but then they found out those workers were not licensed in Texas. I would think one of the first things you check on when hiring someone would be their credentials. They do claim that everything in the apartments (refrigerators, stoves, etc.), after they are fixed up, will be new. The question is, when will they be fixed up? Obviously I can not recommend this place as it is right now. Before the storm I would have. Once they are fixed I may recommend them if what they said is true.
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Mockingbird Lane Plaza Apartments

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