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Avana Grand Palms Apartments



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Office Staff
Gibson01 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/06/2007
This place was TERRIBLE! <br><br>Summertime, the pool is hardly open. Parking, they make sure to cram everybody in one spot so the parking is really bad on one side of the complex and extremely good on the other (they must favor some types of people). <br><br>THEY LOVE TO LOOK FOR REASONS TO FINE YOU!!!<br><br>THEY REALLY REALLY LOVE TO LOOK FOR REASONS TO FINE YOU!<br><br>When we told them we were moving out, they fined us for having one trash bag outside our door (nobody else got this fine next to us), they tried to get us for a noise violation (even though we were out of town) and they called a tow truck on us for no reason (they could not tow as we did nothing wrong). <br><br>The office staff, well they play musical chairs. It seemed like new faces every month we dropped off our rent. Plus they are very inexperienced and ditsy. <br><br>The gate sometimes doesnt work and there is no security so anyone and everyone can get in. The lights are usually out in the hall leading to your apartment and now, lets enter your apartment:<br><br>-No lights except kitchen and dining room<br>-Crappy blinds<br>-VERY THIN WALLS (everybody is your roommate!) If your neighbors are watching tv, you are watching tv too whether you like it or not! <br>-AC leaks and is loud<br>-Cable provider, no sports channels, always screwed up service and high rates<br>-Doors dont shut all the way<br>-Carpet hairs EVERYWHERE (it actually sheds)<br>-Bathrooms get rust and mold too easy<br>-They love to leave crap on your door on a weekly basis, and expect you to clean up or throw away their own ads!<br>-Overall construction is very cheap, your utility bills will be very high due to the minimum construction requirements met on your unit! <br><br>
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Avana Grand Palms Apartments

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