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Clear Lake Falls Apartment



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/19/2005
Clear Lake Falls seems to me to be an accurate cross-section of S.E. Houston as I've come to know it. You've got your trash that piles up in corners, just like any other place, and then you've got the people that come in, pay their rent and utilities on time and move through this place like any other section of their lives. Management for real estate sucks anywhere. Some sucks more eagerly, we'll say, than others, but for a place with a pool that doesn't look like it's a bad horror movie set, a really nice workout facility, more than decent square-footage for the amount of rent people are paying, and easy access to freeways and retail centers, my view is this: Call until your problems are fixed, because eventually they're gonna be as tired of you calling as you are of actually calling and late fixes are better than no fixes. Pay your rent and utilities, and accept the fact that taking care of your own home is hard enough, so imagine being the one person responsible for however-many units that a LOT of individuals call home. I've lived a lot of places and I've seen better, but I've seen a lot worse, too. Just be glad we're not all having to get our carpets replaced after Rita-flooding on top of wanting a new air filter or a key that works for the workout room. Not to mention, I can tell you a few of the people I've heard complain most bitterly about John and/or his string of predecessors are some of the rudest, most classless individuals I've ever met. The world works like this, if you're a pleasure to deal with, most people will deal with you in an honorable, upstanding, timely manner. If you are a boorish hog, you're going to be given precisely the amount of respect you deserve, which is none... meaning, no maintenance man for you. The Golden Rule doesn't just apply before Christmas, kids. Now, pardon me as I climb off my soap box and go take a shower in the adequate, average, and sure-could-be-worse bathroom.
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Clear Lake Falls Apartment

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