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punkiemart • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
I moved here in March 2006. From the beginning this apartment complex has exceeded my expectations. I was one of the first people in my building and I love that I'm the only one that has lived in my unit. Shelby and the rest of the management were so unexpected, I've never had apartment management that acted like normal human beings. <br><br>The month after I moved in, I threw a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend in the clubroom. One of the leasing agents came in while I was setting up for the party, she had gone to the store and bought me ice because she was afraid we wouldn't have enough. This was not even when she was working, she came up from home to bring me ice. This is the actions of a friend, not someone from your apartment office! Absolutely amazing! <br><br>Everything here is always clean. The pools never get gross, even now in the winter, they're crystal. It seems like they are constantly doing grounds keeping. The dumpsters are never full. <br><br>A few slight things. The parking is unbalanced, there is not enough where the buildings are really close, and the buildings near the back have a lot of spaces that they will never need. I can always tell when my neighbors get home, but it is never disruptive. There is more noise in the summer, because the pools and sand volleyball court are used a lot on the weekends. However, this would be much worse if there were a lot of children in the complex, which I have hardly seen any. The whole complex is really well lit, I really like walking around the grounds at night and have never felt safer being alone at night.<br><br>Overall I would really recommend to everyone. It's the best place I have ever been. I've just signed on for another year.<br><br>
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