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The Veridian



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t785 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
They lie, they lie, and they just plaina and simple lie. I lived in these apartments for 3 months and had to leave due to circumstance. What curcumstance u might ask.The circumstance of getting my front door kicked in in broad daylight and most of my more valuable possessions stolen. When I went to the office to tell them what happened three of the ladies were very concerned but the little eveil wench who leased the apartment to me and my roommate shrugged it off as if it was my fault and it didn't matter. <br> My problem with them lies, I must say, almost solely in one person, -----, now a manager in their office. I brought in my application and fees 3 months before I was due to move in and specifically asked for the apartment to have and upgrade on all the appliances and that was reflected in the amount due for rent. I was told by ----- that renovations only took one month butwhen I returned in September to give the first months rent not a thing had been accomplished in 3 onths time. Yet she could not give me a valid explanation as to why the request were not met. After trying to place me in another smaller,non renovated apartment for the same price. She also stated that she did not know when she would be able to place me in the correct apartment. Come to find out later there was another person willing to rent it without the renovations so I the short end of he stick. In the end I was placed in the bottom corner apartment all the way in back facing a fence and a field. <br> In November of 2005 my apartment was broken into the day before Thanksgiving and 6 days after the apartments had allowed an outside contracting to come into the apartment to fix my ceiling witout my permission or any type of supervision. When my roomate returned home there were 5 men, none of whom could speak english to explain to her what they were doing. They were there for more than 6 hours alone. <br> When we asked ----- about information on the contracting company she would not give it to us, she was not willing in any to help us when we came to explain to them our situation. She just brushed us off until we went to the manager above her. When we then told them that we refused to stay at an apartment complex that did not care about our safety and that we wanted out of the lease they then tried in numerous way s to come up with a solution. To make matters worse a maintenance employee staed to us that at the the supposed time of the break in that they were back there, then he went on to say that they did not see anything. The only other witness , my upstairs neighbor, said he heard pounding on our door but thought nothing of it becaue he say men in maintenance shirts and in a van like the men who were fixing our ceiling from the previous leak and figured they were back to finish the ceiling. <br> Needless to say I have moved out. I am currently fighting the issue of being charged the remaining rent for breaking the lease due to the fact I had a valid reason. Oh yeah and when the doorwas kicked in the lock cae out of the wall and when they finally sent maintenace to fix it( 6 hours later) the man simply picked the lock up off of the floor and placed it back in the same holes it had be knocked out of which left no more security than when it lay on the floor. <br> i have no problem with noise because as you can see nobody hears or sees anything around there. Oh and the had litle black bugs that crawl out of water faucets and up the drain in the bath tubs. 1 more thing there was also a hole in between the floor and the wall that allowed other critters to come and join me in my misery.and yes you can hear your neighbors showering or flushing their toilets.<br> Save yourself, your money , and your time if you are seriously looking for a safe comfortable affordable living habitat.
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The Veridian

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