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Briar Pointe Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2007
I am a resident of briar pointe and i am ready to leave the apartments. i have been in these apartments for over 4 years and up until the new managment and staff came it was okay but now that ------ has taken over there have been people that have lived there for years that have moved due to the management and staff.there are roaches, ants,and rats now in the apartments. when ------ was the apartment manager everything was great. but the manager that we have now is very rude, and she is a theif. out of all the times that i have payed my rent, not once has it been stolen, or bothered with. as soon as the new managment came things started disappearing. everytime you have a problem with anything or anyone in the office,there is no one that you can talk to besides managment and when you ask for the number to corprate office ------ tells her staff and residents that ------ doesnt want her number to be given out, what kind of manager is that! and for everyone that lives out there and wants the number here it is(713)--------- when i asked for the number ------ told me that ------ was sick of me and fed up with me calling her. every resident that is still out there is sick and tired of ------ and her staff. i personally think that she needs to be removed an replaced. I think that if we pay rent every month then we should have a say in the managment, and staff.
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Briar Pointe Apartments

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