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Highland Oaks Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2007
I have lived at Highlands Oaks Apartments for some time. I have seen managers and management come & go over the years. Would I recommend these apartments to anyone? Don't think so in this lifetime! As for the office staff there has only been one person in all these years that has truly cared for all the resident's and does most of the managers job & assistant managers job at present. I have waited, waited & waited at times to have repairs made but the maintenance at this time is doing a great job! I have lost so much money to the washers & dryers never knowing if they will work & then carry my wet clothes all over the project to get them dry, that is if I can find a dryers that works for the manager is so forgetful to put the order in to get them fixed. The manager forgets to send out fliers to the resident's and then she only targets those to get them that have connections to the owners office! The residents have been told at one time we could not raise our blinds! What's the name of this concentration camp? Over the years I heard every excuse that one can use, ben lied to so many times I just laugh when I hear a new one! But if one likes to comment FRAUD then the present manager is the one to go to for she doesn't even care what the consqeuences will be for the resident's, but to only save her tail! I've put up with the gun shootings, damages to my unit from other resident's, music (if one calls it music) that has shaken my whole unit, watching drugs (crack& other drugs) being used in the open, women being beat by their live-in boy friends, property not being mowed or shrubs trimmed, been threatened by a past manager at the request of the president of the then Management president! I could could go on for such a long time but I think you get the drift by now. Again, would I recommend Highland Oaks Apartments to anyone? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
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Highland Oaks Apartments

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