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The Park Apartments Homes



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songbird67 • Resident 2012 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2014
Before renting from Greenleaf, be sure you are fully informed of the conditions of the units. Carpets are patchy and began coming apart and pulling up in the first few months we lived there. The walls "sweat" like crazy and mold grows on everything, including black mold. Our heating and a/c went out within six months and we lived all winter without heat because, if left on, the unit would run incessantly without producing any effect besides a $150 electric bill. This problem was brought to the attention of the office managers, but they laughed it off saying these are old buildings and took no action to correct the issue. Half of the outlets are too loose to hold a plug, or don't work at all. The parking structure at one building collapsed last year after the first snow fell, but of course there's a clause in the lease stating that Greenleaf is not liable for this damage. The roof leaked and a mysterious brownish staining began to appear leaking out of every air vent along the ceiling. Finally, and this takes the cake, after living there for over a year, we suddenly found bedbugs while cleaning. Before this incident I had never seen a bedbug in person, only photographs so you can imagine my shock and confusion at finding them in my apartment. I am convinced that they came from the surrounding tenants, as we did nothing to bring them in. If you decide to rent here, beware! Save every paper the give you or post on your door and take photos of anything sketchy in the case you should need them later.
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The Park Apartments Homes

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