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The Park Apartments Homes



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tooneyshields • Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2015
When I first moved here, I thought I was getting the deal of a lifetime. When it came time to leave it became a nightmare. We had an emergency and had to move and break our lease legally. We have worked with them and have been extremely nice. They milked 3000 dollars out of us after saying many times that we would only owe 1600. In the end they found every dollar they could. Management is terrible. They talk to their friends while talking to you about confidential matters. Not only that the apartments are crap. Mold, gross floors, bad heating systems that they can never get to work. They don't even empty the pool. They just put in enough clorine until the water is blue again and fish out all the dirt. My neighbors were always up at ridiculous hours at night and having paties. Police were at doors regularly. It is not a family safe environment. We got a cat and they said the deposit would only be 200 but somehow got away with taking 400 dollars out. If you do move here make sure to document everything they give you or they will take everything they can from kind people. Also their laundry rooms Arte disgusting. They never fixed the machines or cleaned them. You would be better off going to a laundry mat.
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The Park Apartments Homes

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