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The Park Apartments Homes



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SICK2thebones • Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/03/2011
This is the most disgusting place I have ever seen in my life...I dont even know where to start. Everything that I have read so far are the same things (issues) that are still happening today!! what the hell are this people doing with the money that we pay?. They are supppose to be fixing the disgusting mold on the windows, walls, bathrooms, the shittie smell there is under the sink, the doors not locking, the water going cold in the middle of a bath for a small children, the ice building up on the inside of the window because they dont have the integrity to make this place liveable for honest people who pay their rent...I have a lot more to say to this people but I will be wasting my time. DO NOT MOVE HERE!. This guys were on the news on Tuesday April 26th 2011 and they are still have the nerves to ask ' WHY ARE YOU WANTING TO MOVE OUT '?. I mean, can there be people more disgusting, unprofessional, disrespectful, incompetent and ignorant than these???. I dont think so. They sat an old moldie window that they finally replace in my kids room after asking and dfinally yelling at them for 6 months and sat it on top of my babies clean clothes while me and my husband were on vaccation. The mold stuck to the clothes and as you know.....the laundry facility here is nothing but washing your clothes with a lot more ---- than what they already have..I have to drive somewhere to wash my clothes. Then the maintenance guy had the nerves to go into my bathroom and take a piss and leaked all over the toilet seat and floor, didnt clean it up or nothing at all in fact...he got one of the lovely dog ---- from outsite in his shoe and left it all over my place and bathroom. How do you like this????. They still have a job. Last week we have a mayor leak in every apartment. A very stupid retarted manager decided to d0 contruction on the roof the day before the huge storm was announced all over the news, guess what happened?...the nasty waters came down my closet and once more got all over my clothes...we call the emergency line and they tried to shut us off. TOOK FOREVER for them top call us back after 12 am after interrupting the first call we made, then they said that we would have to sleep with the water leak till morning and so we did. I am sick and tired of these people, they are thiefs and the most hateful people there are.
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The Park Apartments Homes

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