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Village on Main Street



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2016
DO NOT RENT HERE. In the four months I have lived here, I have had countless problems including dishwasher leaks, toilet malfunctions, poor water pressure, hard water, heating problems, and multiple hot water heater issues. In total we have spent somewhere around a week without hot water. Some of these issues are normal when you rent, but what is not normal is getting poisoned by carbon monoxide. You heard that right. My apartment had carbon monoxide leaks that required me to call the fire department twice within the four months of living here. My self bought detector was reading the CO at 372 ppm and the fire department measured the CO at 240 ppm. Those levels are critically dangerous. Those levels will make you sick within an hour and dead within four hours. When I told maintenance that our CO alarm was going off, he told us to unplug it and go to bed. I don't want to over exaggerate, but the fire department confirmed that I could have DIED if I didn't have a brain and unplugged the detectors. All apartment complexes have their issues and frustrations; I am well aware of that. However, the lack of intelligent maintenance workers, uncooperative managers, and the fact that I was literally almost KILLED living here is beyond unacceptable. I Also, I think its important to note that there have been CO problems in multiple apartments, not just ours. I have heard other carbon monoxide alarms going off all over the complex. PLEASE DO NOT rent here. Do not allow your own safety, let alone your family's safety be put at risk by signing a lease with these nincompoops.
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Village on Main Street

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