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Windgate Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
I've lived at Windgate for 2 years (2007-2009, but I can't change the date as I am editing an old post). I no longer live there. Many of my neighbors have moved out recently (67% turnover in my part of the building). A complex that used to be full can no longer keep tenants. A year ago, I wrote a positive review about Windgate, mainly about the staff being friendly, helpful, understanding, and informed. NO LONGER TRUE. New management took over less than a year ago, and things have gone from good to horrible. Why? Almost everything stems from incompetent staff. -Rent increases (Tried to charge $50 a month for "month to month fees"- gave tenants only a couple of days to come in and sign a new lease- rent increase went into effect less than 2 weeks later! Illegal!!) -Changes... allowing new tenants to have pets (but not current tenants), re-doing the office, but not anything else that would be helpful (like the inadequate laundry room or apartments), SIXTY day notice to move out, etc. etc. -The office manager, Danielle, is incompetent at best. It is unfortunate that I have needed to point out legality issues with some of her decisions. "I don't believe that's legal." "Oh, yeah, I think you're right." ARGHHH! If the office staff would quit celebrating Potato Chip Day, they might know these things!! (Seriously, they did that. Things like that make me think they have nothing better to do.) -Office hours are horrible. Worse than the post office. Not open at all on Mondays. Never open past five, never open before ten. When the rent increase happened, staff just stopped returning my calls, and I couldn't come in due to work. So, if you have a problem, they won't be there to fix it or even hear about it. -Apartments are not worth the money. Only stackable hookups, old carpet, tons of steep stairs, parking can be a pain, kitchen is old, storage is horrible. Dishwasher didn't work. Old appliances, old laminate flooring, old carpeting. Bathtub couldn't change temperature- I had to change the water heater setting if I wanted a colder/hotter bath. After calling in maintenance a few times initially, I gave up. -What used to be a quiet complex is LOUD now. Lots of kids and pets have moved in, but they are probably still quieter than the adults. My new complex has over 300 units and is, often times, quieter than Windgate. -To add insult to injury, the office is trying to steal my deposit. I will basically end up with nothing, though I cleaned the carpets, scrubbed the apartment, had only normal wear, and left it cleaner than I got it (no pets, no kids, etc.). Other long-standing tenants are planning to leave as soon as they can, also. So, even though it will continue to have an abundance of openings, it's because WE COULDN'T STAND TO LIVE THERE. The old management/owners were incredible. They cared about the apartments and cared about the tenants. New management seems to care about money and little else.
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Windgate Apartments

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