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900 Factory Student Housing



Resident · 2018 - 2019
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! 1. The windows don't seal properly and easily let cold air come in from outside. 2. The "driveway" between the two buildings was covered in ice and snow which made it dangerous. People come in and out of the buildings all day and cars are parked on both sides. The ice and snow just melted. Who knows if they'll remove the snow when it snows for real. One girl even had her car hit, supposedly by a sliding car. 3. On the first day I arrived at approx 1230. my roommate had already been there for 45 mins because she didn't want to move in. We had a roommate with a cat. We didn't have any sort of previous warning about having a cat, or any sort of pet. One of us could've easily been allergic to cats or been scared of cats. We went into the cat apartment just to see the room. It was very messy. Bottles and boxes all over the kitchen. It was dusty. one of the bedspreads had blood on it. I didn't want to live there. We asked to live somewhere else. The only option they gave us was live in one apt for a month or maybe longer then move into a similar apt as the cat one, but we didn't want to lie out of a box for an undetermined amount of time. Or we could be charge $35 more a month. That's what we decided, despite the fact that it wasn't our fault the cat was there and we weren't warned about it or asked permission for it to live with us. We finally were able to get somewhat settled around 7pm. Nearly 7 hours later. after much discussion and frustration, which was not our fault. 4. The new apartment was VERY dirty. Brown showers. Red juice stains on the walls and ceilings. Crumbs on the floors and countertops. The fridges full of food. My room had white animal hair on the bed spread provided. I had to vacuum it. The floor wasn't vacuumed either and had bits of drywall on the carpet. 5. During the first week we were staying there the third bathroom was flooded. It was supposedly from the boys who lived above us. Water dripped down from light fixture. I called the number online for the factory immediately. It was a weekend and so I only got an operator lady who asked what was wrong. I told her and said they would have someone come fix it asap. The maintains guy came and looked at the light. He said it would take him a while to come fix it because it was probable damaged in the electrical system from the water. OK sure. Maybe a week went by. I went to the front office and personally put in a maintenance request. (the one they have on file). The maintenance guy came and fixed other minor things in our apartment like unclogging a drain and unplugging a shower. I asked every time I saw him when he would fix it. He said he would get to it, but it wasn't a "high priority" because it would take so long to fix it. How is a broken electrical circuit not a high priority? What could he have to fix over the course of the several months? We even got an email saying the maintenance guy was overbooked, but a lot of the requests were for new battery replacements. "High Priority" my butt. Why not hire more maintenance? Or ask an outside electrician to fix it? THEY HAVE THE MONEY!!!! Finally on Nov 2. I went in again to the office because the light was still broke. Almost 4 months later. The maintenance guy said he had come in and fixed it. I was confused. No one had notified me. I asked if it was online. He said he had closed it and I should've gotten an email. I hadn't. I hadn't even requested the maintenance online. I had done it in person. I went back to the room expecting the light to be fixed. NOPE. The light was still broken and didn't illuminate the room at all. I asked my other roommates about it and if it was fixed.They both said No. and didn't ever see or hear the maintenance guy fix it. Nor had they received a notification. It was still broken. I put a request in on Nov 2. saying the light was out. Now the 3rd request (not counting the times MULTIPLE times my other roommates called. Which both told me they called at the beginning of the semester asking for it to be fixed as well.) It is still not fixed over a month later. and the front office doesn't even have records of the request. Does the website not work then? Do they not even keep track the requests? THEY SHOULD BE FULLY AWARE OF THE SITUATION considering how many times all the roommates had separately talked to them about it. 6. Maintenance request didn't go through on the website despite a confirmation email. The front office explicitly said they only had a maintenance request from the beg of the year. Yet I have an email confirmation. Website is crap and so are their records. Get a working website and update your records!!!! 7. The bowling alley is always broken despite it being a big "attraction" and "draw" to the factory. Highly advertised. It's been broken since the beg of the semester. I remember asking the front desk why it hadn't been fixed yet after a few weeks into the semester. they said the specialist for the maintenance was out of town and wasn't able to fix it. WHY NOT HIRE A DIFFERENT PERSON TO FIX IT? 8. The hot tub gate is locked and won't open even with a factory issued key. Elissa and I just have to climb the fence to get in. HAZARD!! what if someone were to fall and get hurt. The gate is locked even for residents. Shouldn't it be a simple fix? Now the hot tub is closed for no determined reason for no determined amount of time. The hot tub was broken nov-may!!! 9. Trash is piled outside in the garages and along the dumpster. 10. The first week I had bought a parking pass for $400 for the whole year. (There was no semester to semester option) I was given clear directions for where to park. I thought it was just the 3rd floor and up. I parked on the 4th floor and received a $75 parking ticket and a boot. There was no lenience despite the fact that it was the first weeks and I had a pass for a different floor. they needed to be clearer on where I could park. Maybe send an email. 11. There is no visitor parking. No other parking options except the $400 parking pass. 12. Dog crap all over the front grass. (It wasn't aerated grass I know what that looks like). and a broken filing cabinet sitting out the front of the building for several months. VERY TRASHY. 13. The packages that are delivered to the residents sit by the front desk. They are on display for everyone who walks in to see. The staff doesn't ask for ID when you pick them up. Anyone could take a package that isn't theirs, even a non resident. I could've easily taken someone package. They aren't secure. They also don't keep a log of the packages that are delivered. I asked the front desk (12/17/18) and they couldn't tell me if they had received my package or not. 14. Two of my roommates both pay $560! The price they were given from the old management staff. Very unfair. What if we are paying more than the new people who move in are paying? How do we fight that? How do we keep our rent fair compared to other prices? 15. Elevator has been broken on a number of occasions. The floor indicator is shattered. The elevator floor is ALWAYS covered in trash and spills. Sometimes has weird smells. 16. I walked into the movie theater room once. It smelt like beer and the floor was littered with popcorn. VERY TRAHSY. 17. There is a pile of socks and dryer filters and dust behind our washing machine. It hasn't been cleaned back there for who knows how long. The socks don't belong to any of the current residents so they are from previous residents. 18. The bar across the parking garage fell 3 days ago. DANGEROUS!! It has been sitting there. I almost hit it before I knew it was there because it blocks a few feet into the garage entrance. What if the other side where to fall? VERY DANGEROUS!! My car could get damaged. 19. Other floor plans similar to ours (Yukon) are only $435 a month and offer wood floors not cement!! Why do we have cement floors and are still being charged the same OR MORE as floor plans with wood floors? THE CEMENT FLOORS SUCK and don't belong in a $500 a month apt. IT IS NOT WORTH THE AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU WILL PAY!! The management doesn't know how to use the money efficiently and doesn't care for the safety and enjoyment of the residents!
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900 Factory Student Housing

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