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900 Factory Student Housing



Resident · 2019 - 2020
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Office Staff
My child is living here. We had trouble moving in because one of the roommates had a "comfort dog", so others thought they could bring their dogs as well. The room my child moved to (after complaining) was a complete disaster (rust, pet hair, mold, holes in the wall, etc.). We complained (again) and they were moved to a better room. The Factory "forgot" to clean the second room. The third assigned room was ok. During the school year, there were marijuana parties down the hall. Supposed to be a "no alcohol, drugs, weapons" place. Recently, The Factory moved the students, that were staying there for the summer, into different rooms, in order to consolidate the students so they could rent the empty apartments to seniors who come for the summer (it's in the contract that they can do that). However, the new apartment was a filthy mess. It made my child sick (literally vomited). My child and his friend spent several hours cleaning, and the Factory reimbursed them little for it (after much complaining). Again, they messed up and sent him to the room early, and without cleaning it. Turns out, the cleaners can't touch the filth if someone else is still contracted to live in the room, in case it's the students personal items (i.e. trash and dirty dishes, etc.), so all they can do is clean the vacated bedroom (but even that didn't happen because they moved my child in early by mistake). Most the students in his assigned apartment had vacated the apartment (due to Covid 19 or end of school year), but were still tenants on paper (so the apartment technically couldn't be cleaned properly). Then, a couple days later, the Factory sent out a notice stating, that, since Utah has lowered their Covid 19 threat level, they were reopening their "amenities", and gave social distancing rules and guidelines that must be followed or the amenities will be shut down again. So, apparently, it's no big deal to move students together into filthy apartments, but heaven forbid you get closer than 10 feet in a gym without a mask on. What hypocrisy! Obviously, a building with so many students will have some problems, but moving students to consolidate them, during a pandemic, is intentionally disregarding good health practices in order to make money. Well, my child and one of his old roommates are the only ones in his apartment right now, with several more assigned on paper. My child cleaned almost the entire apartment so it's now livable, and only a couple of the several assigned students actually live there. One room still has a student's stuff in it, but, according to the previous tenants, the student has not been seen since December. Reportedly, the student had his roommates sign a waver because he wanted to store 6 guns in the room. A couple days later, the student and the guns disappeared, and have not been seen since, but their stuff is still there and they are paying for the room. Weird. If it was not for the contract we signed for the whole year, my child would have moved out. (Pay for a year and get a cheaper rent rate.) On the up side, the Factory is close to campus. It could be a good place if it was more actively managed, and rules were enforced.
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900 Factory Student Housing

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