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Auburn Heights Apartments



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I lived in Spectrum Apartments for a summer, which is the same as Auburn Heights. The word to best describe this apartment is: Disgusting. The manager was absolutely terrible. She was never there when she was supposed to be. She was very disorganized and didn't remember anything you told her. My apartment on the second floor was one that had been re-done as a show apartment. So we had a very nice kitchen. But it didn't make up for the rest of the apartment. The bathroom was tiny! And we shared it between four girls. All four girls had to share a closet! It was practically impossible for us all to fit all our belongings in the small bedrooms and closet. When I moved in there was gum on the floor. Yep. Gum on my carpet. When I left, it was still there and the cleaning people never even noticed. My boyfriend's apartment on the first floor was massively infected with bugs! They were everywhere! His apartment, unlike mine, was not re-done, and everything looked as if it were from the 70's, especially the oven, which was disgusting and didn't work very well. I do not recommend these apartments!!! I only lived there about 3 months and I couldn't handle it! They may be cheap, but it's not worth it to live in that disgusting place.
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Auburn Heights Apartments

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