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1585 North 400 East, Logan, UT 84341
1585 North 400 East, Logan, UT 84341

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Bridger Pointe Apartments



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reibee • Resident 2014 - 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 03/17/2016
I read a lot of reviews here, and it seems like most of the people are complaining about stuff that they have never filed out a maintenance request for. For instance: the snow removal at Bridger is sketchy, but I have never complained about it, and there are deep puddles in a lot of the grassy areas, but I've also never complained about that. In the long run, I care more about the fact that the management team is very honest, and is willing to work with people who approach them with their concerns than whether or not the grass has puddles during the rainy/slushy days in Logan. I can hear a lot of (quiet-ish) conversations/tv from the people above me, but it IS an apartment, and as far as apartments go, the noise level is really not bad. Maybe I got lucky with my neighbors, but I haven't had a real issue with anyone with whom I share walls or a ceiling. As for maintenance, I have never had to put in a request, so maybe they do a good job, and maybe they don't. I have no idea.
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Bridger Pointe Apartments

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