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649 E. 800 N, Logan, UT 84321
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Resident 2020


The actual apartment is not too bad the private rooms are spacious and the kitchen and living room size is great! They have two refrigerators which is great for 6 roommates. However, that is where the good ends here. Everything else is terrible. The grounds are poorly maintained with abandoned appliances in the parking lot and they are not the greatest at snow removal or taking care of the landscape during the summer. The basement apartments don't have A/C. In order to get anything fixed by management you basically have to beg and then you still might not get any help. They don't clean between tenants and I moved into a room with trash all over the floor and a dirty bathroom. Pest control is a major issue and the landlord stopped providing internet without any notice. Mana game to is a total and terrible joke. It almost seems like the only reason they own the property is for the money. They don't care about you.

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    Resident 2018 - 2019


    There is so much potential for this to be a great place to live. But the landlords are absolutely terrible. They don't give a rat's A** for there tenants. Half the time they will ignore your texts and calls. They don't clean between tenants moving out and don't expect them to clean when they leave. There are fist sized holes in the walls that were never fixed and you have to beg to get any repairs done. Bottom line, its NOT worth your time or money to live here or any of the other properties under the same management.

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      Resident 2017 - 2018


      THIS REVIEW IS FOR BUILDING A I have a lot to say about Glenwood. The first thing to know though, is that it is not at all worth the price you pay for it. There are apartments in Logan that are MUCH nicer at the same price point, and the rent has even gone up for this coming year. I would suggest Edgebrook right around the corner. There is a rather large private room and a bathroom. That is by far the most positive thing I have to say about Glenwood. The room was in poor shape, the walls are covered in holes, with nails sticking out in several places. Landlords do not even attempt to patch up the rooms between tenants. The carpet in my room when I moved in had sticky stuff all over the floor coming out of the bathroom. You would expect the carpet would be cleaned for you when you move in, but it was not until I'd lived there four months and had already thoroughly cleaned it myself. That leads into a major complaint I had about Glenwood. I had just moved out of another apartment and had worked very hard to make sure… See More>
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        Resident 2016 - 2017


        terrible just terrrible, do not move here, there are so many reasons I dont know where to begin

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          Resident 2014


          DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! Horrible management! Especially in Building A! Land lords didnt care about the needs of the tenants, all they cared about was money, I was charged way more than my contract agreement, and was threatened to be taken to court a few times. I paid everything when i needed to pay it, and that wasnt enough for them! before i bought a contract i talked to her about holes in the walls and said i would not be responsible for damages i didnt do, that were there before i was, but i was charged for them anyway. in my apartment we had a few problems with our laundry and management could have cared less. Worst apartment i have ever lived in! WORST Land lords/Managers i have ever dealt with!!

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            Resident 2013


            Suck... ): Do not even think about it.

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              Resident 2011


              It works.

              It worked well for the summer. Easy walking distance to the campus, stores and anywhere else you need to go. Has its own washer/dryer and bathroom for each bedroom. You get a nightstand, dresser and bed but they are warn out and could use replacing.

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                Resident 2010 - 2011


                Glenwood A

                Glenwood has been a really tough living situation for us this year. The large rooms, great. The private bathrooms, great. The cost, awful. The management, awful. The parking, awful. Some may say that building A stands above the rest and has a great management. My roommates and I have different views. From the very beginning when we signed contracts we began to worry about our future landlord. They seemed unorganized and just needy for our money. As for living here, they have complained to us about the repairs they have had to make. They replaced our water heater after a week of cold showers and while doing so, flooded our kitchen. They then cleaned it up with our towels and dish rags, don't worry it was our pleasure. Our dishwasher has not worked since we moved in, which has now been 6 months, speedy, I know. They have managed to complain to us about the cost of fixing it though. We moved in at the end of August and were expected to pay the utility fee for the months of July and August along with our $70 move in fee for each one of my roommates. When our sink was… See More>
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                  Resident 2007 - 2010


                  Fantastic Apartments for Logan

                  There are some negative reviews about Glenwood, and although there are four buildings in the complex, it is split between different management teams. The difference is quite apparent, so my experience will probably be different. Building A is managed independently of buildings B,C and D, and I have lived in Building A for what is now my third year in a row. Basement apartments can flood in strong downpours, but that is rare so that complain doesn't hold too much water (no pun intended). Buildings B, C and D have a problem with parking, stemming from the fact that the management on that side of the lot has made some private rooms into shared rooms, meaning that there are not enough spots on their side for all those cars. Building A remains all private, and we have our own parking spots and booting company enforcement to make sure it stays that way. Building A's management is fantastic in taking care of issues promptly and with little disruption. Last year they repainted all of our rooms, not because of complaints but just because they could. Totally free. They also recarpeted our rooms at the same time.… See More>
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                    prospectiveVisited 2010


                    Yet Another Call to Management

                    Now I understand why the renters at Glenwood apartments can't reach the manager, he's NEVER there. To top things off his mailbox is Full. Oh I'm the one who wrote on here yesterday about the Gas, Carbon Monoxide, etc... Probably why I haven't been able to get in touch with him. I hope the problem has been resolved, and those 4 boys are feeling better, and stay alive. Mom of one of the boys...

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                      prospectiveVisited 2010


                      To Whom it may concern, Manager

                      The "Glenwood" Apartments have been REALLY NEGLETED... Lets see where do I start? Hobo and other spiders, Flooding, etc... The most recent Carbon Monooxide Poisoning... Which caused the Boys one of them to become severly sick, maybe more. They all could have died. If it wasn't for one student there who smelled "GAS" and they turned off the gas who knows what could have happened. Currently they are without heat gas, and have to sleep with windows open, and it's VERY COLD. Come on. If I don't see or hear of some improvement, Laywers will be involved. I'm Pleading with you PLEASE Take care of your students. As a Parent this really upsets me, I mean I don't want to hear about it in the news. again PLEASE TAKE CARE of this Matter!!! Sincerely Parent of one of your occupents.

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                        Resident 2008 - 2009


                        It works

                        I've lived in Glenwood for 2 years and am signed up for a third, though I am looking at other places. I love the private bed and bath, that makes life really nice. The kitchen is large, though horribly laid out. Its clean, and the owner has always been pretty good at getting things done in a decent timeline. Not anything spectacular, but it works and its a decent price for what you get. It has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms per unit, and the bathrooms are on suite which is nice and not nice. Its a little obnoxious when you have guests over and they need to use the restroom, but keep your room clean and that shouldn't be an issue. The rent is about $2800 for the whole school year. The parking is outdoors. Its sufficient but sometimes they've come and cleared it while the cars were parked and the snow has gotten pushed right under my tires, and I've had to dig myself out. If you are in the basement you can hear the people above you if they are being rhinos but in general its not too bad. The noise from the stairwell in the upper… See More>
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                          Resident 2006 - 2008


                          I do not recommend

                          I lived here for two years. I liked having my own bedroom and bathroom so I decided to try it again another year. Bad mistake. The apartment was fifthy when I moved in to both apartments, there were things that never were repaired, and the owners do not care to keep things nice. When you call to get things fixed it takes a long time to get things done if they do fix it at all. It is sad because if they just kept up on things it would be a nice place to live. The parking lots in the winter are horrible. They do not get plowed very often and when they do they plow the snow up to the cars so you have to shovel your way out. It is also VERY icy.

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                            Glenwood is an apartment in Logan in zip code 84321. This community has a 1 - 4 Beds, 1 - 3.5 Baths, and is for rent for $626. Nearby cities include Providence, North Logan, Hyde Park, Nibley, and Smithfield.

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