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Oakridge Apartments



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
This place is run by people who have no idea what they're doing. When we moved in our apartment was a mess, mold growing, toilet was unhinged from the floor, and our microwave was broken. Twice within a week we requested maintenance and a couple hours later got a reply email saying "Maintenance has marked your request as Fixed" when nobody had come over to check the problem or even contacted us about it. When the maintenance dude finally did show up after multiple requests, all he had to say was "Well..... if it gets any worse let me know". The front office was never able to answer even the simplest of questions that they should know, such as "What is the process if I need to move out after this semester, halfway through my contract". They had to write down my name and have someone call me back 4 days later, then another person call me back an hour after that and correct what the first person said because it was incorrect. Lastly, they deal with problems on the property very childishly. Sending out a notification saying "Somebody thought it would be funny to run across the pool cover. Until the violators come and confess it was them, the pool and hot tub are closed". So because 1 person, who may or may not even live here, decided to be an idiot one night, they are punishing all 600 adult, rent-paying residents. I feel like I'm in 2nd grade again: "until somebody confesses to stealing the markers from the whiteboard, nobody gets to go to recess."
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Oakridge Apartments

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