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Oakridge Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2019
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Office Staff
I've lived at Oakridge for three years now. The management here is the worst I've ever experienced, hands-down. The old management from my first year was great, but the new managers, -------------------, are shady, rude, petty, and condescending. They're rude when you talk to them and have the worst customer service. They've treated many of their Community Assistants (residents hired as workers) extremely poorly, firing them and then kicking them out even though previous Community Assistants were not forced to move out. Apparently the other Community Assistants who weren't forced to move out were only allowed to stay because they promised not to speak poorly about Oakridge and Triton. So yeah, that's shady AF. Furthermore, our apartment is being renovated over the summer. When we signed the contract, we were promised full renovations, with granite countertops in the kitchen, new flooring throughout, etc. When my roommates and I asked the management for more information about the renovations, they were extremely weird and rude about it. We had to ask about six questions before they even made eye contact with us, and they eventually admitted that Oakridge hadn't even hired contractors yet. Keep in mind, this is one month before summer, when they're supposed to be doing the renovations. This raised a red flag, since the first apartment they renovated last year was renovated by Community Assistants, who aren't even qualified to do any renovations (naturally they installed the bathtub wrong and it leaked through the floor to the apartment below). I'm not blaming the Community Assistants, because renovating apartments isn't in their job description, but apparently Oakridge doesn't care about that. The poor renovations were the result of Oakridge being cheap and lazy. When my roommates asked if the Community Assistants would end up renovating the designated apartments rather than a certified contractor, management skirted around the question and just kept talking about how they were still waiting for the renovation bids. We then asked about what kinds of renovations Oakridge was doing, and apparently we aren't getting the granite countertops or complete new flooring like promised. They're just resurfacing the kitchen countertops and cabinets, installing new appliances, and only replacing the floors in the living room and kitchen. Frustrated that we weren't going to receive the renovations we were promised, we asked what would happen if the renovations weren't completed in time. Oakridge is renovating four buildings, each with six apartments, over the summer, and based on my experience with them, I doubted they would finish in time. Oakridge management just said that they will finish in time and not to worry about it. When we pressed them about what would happen just in case they didn't finish, management had no real answer, other than saying "Triton wouldn't leave you guys hanging like that" (they would totally leave us hanging like that but whatever). Anyways, management here is the absolute worst and I'm so sick of them. The old management was great, but this new management doesn't know the first thing about managing apartments or customer service or basic human decency.
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Oakridge Apartments

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