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Oakridge Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2020
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Office Staff
I have lived here for 3 years and have had nothing but bad experiences. The management is so entitled, you can tell by the way they respond to each review and justify each complaint instead of trying to fix anything. They got a new internet provider and it regularly goes down for several days at a time, and after an entire year they still only send out an email basically saying, "we know it's down, be patient", rather than getting a more reliable provider. I went to resign for my apartment and they let one of the office aides sign my room for the next year, so now I have to move to a new room. They close the pool for the "winter" at the beginning of September when it's still 80 degrees outside, because they're too cheap to leave it open any longer. I had an ant infestation in my room and when I put in a work order, they just left a can of ant spray at my door. They have cleaning checks but they sometimes don't even come check, then they will charge whoever moves in for the filth left there by the last resident, and they say the deposit is to pay for cleaning, but for the last 2 years my apartment wasn't cleaned before I moved in. I even had a huge mold problem in the shower when I moved in, and when I put in a work order they came and wiped the mold with a towel then left the towel on my counter. They will take every chance they can to save money, no matter how it effects the residents, and will take no actions to make the residents feel welcome. Please avoid signing a contract with them.
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Oakridge Apartments

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