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James Pointe

631 E 6400 South

Murray, UT 84107



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Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/09/2012
So I am currently a tenant here at James Pointe. I live with my boyfriend we've been here for almost 9 months. This is called "apartmentratings.com" therefore I will give you my exact review including my experience with the community and the apartment itself. When I first got here I had no problem, I thought this place was a bit old but other than that it seemed pleasant enough. As the months went by and I had a chance to get to know the area a bit better I realized they aren't exactly picky about the people here. (Not judging anyone) However on the few occasions that I was by the pool tenants would have their dogs by the pool and would be smoking and drinking by it. People would also invite a lot of their friends too (which isn't a big deal) but it always seemed to be noisy annoying people causing me in turn to leave. I realize that all could have been a coincidence I could have just been there at the wrong time. My apartment didn't have a washer or dryer and let me mention it looks not nearly as nice as it does on the internet. However it does have hookups if you so desire to buy a set. If your like me and have to use the community laundry room then I suggest maybe buying a washer and dryer. Not too long ago I had my laundry basket stolen along with my laundry picked through and they took basically the nicest clothes. Another couple was in there too and they had their entire load of towels stolen, they also claimed the week prior they had things stolen such as a bath mat and more towels. It takes a key to get into the laundry room however it seems that doesn't stop them. The gym is barely a gym it is really small and has one of everything. It is frequently being filled so I stopped trying to go. The apartment building where I am at lately has no lights on in the hallways at night and maintenance has not done a thing. They are regularly talking to some other tenants and on more than one occasion have I seen them "messed up" out of their minds. The floor on more than one occasion has smelt like pot and the dogs that are in these apartments seem to be way too big to be allowed breeds such as pit bulls, great danes, huskies, and labs. The apartment itself is old, the doors have marks, the balcony is carpeted and the property is filled with trees so lots of leaves and limbs get on the balcony and are not easy to sweep off. The storage outside on the balcony is gross. The bathroom tub is falling apart and absolutely no closet space. Just a reminder this is just my own personal experience here. This is not any of the tenants fault it is strictly management. Our lease is up soon let me tell you I can not wait to get out!!! There are many places around here that much better and I recommend you going else where. This was my first apartment in UT and I got to say it was a terrible experience. Please note everything I have just mentioned including the people, the safety risk, and the theft. I hope this was helpful, I want to save anyone I can from going through what I have at this horrible place.
James Pointe Manager03/28/2013

I am sorry that you have not had a good experience at our community. I am available in my office to discuss your concerns in detail. I would like to have the opportunity to help with these items. Please contact me at your convenience at the number below. Sincerely, Heidi Community Director 801-262-7776

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James Pointe

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