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5560 South Vine St.

Murray, UT 84107



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2005
If you're thinking about moving to Stillwater Apartments, think twice. Three times, even.<br><br>In fact, I'd seriously consider every possible alternative before moving here. <br><br>Let's start with the office staff. They might as well hire a bunch of kids right out of High School. They're irresponsible. I've had them lose my rent several times resulting in me receiving notices on my door stating that I must pay or vacate. I've had to take my copies of my rent check over and prove that I actually did pay it, and then they still charged me a late fee.<br><br>I've gone without hot water for several weeks while living there. When the problem was corrected, it was not done correctly. The hot water heater is "rigged" with a big piece of copper tubing sticking out of the side and the flame is exposed. <br><br>Sound unsafe to you?<br><br>They took a whopping 30 dollars off my rent for the inconvenience. How much is a daily shower and clean dishes worth to you? <br><br>So there's the incompetent staff, the lack of maintainence, and then there's the parking.<br><br>If you have visitors, you might as well tell them to park in Egypt and fly over. There's never an open parking spot.<br><br>If you have noisy neighbours, get used to it. Complaining about them pounding on their floor at 2 a.m. will do you no good. Calling the office when they blast their techno until 5 a.m. will result in the office telling you they're going to give them a notice and then never doing it. The noise control number they give you results in absolutely nothing happening. It's comforting to know they care so much.<br><br>Kids skateboard through the parking lot at all hours of the day and night. There is no where for children to play. I've even seen them riding their bikes down the stairs. Imagine how much fun that is to listen to!<br><br>Trust me, if I could give this place a negative rating, I would.<br><br>Sure, the apartments are nice, but at what cost? Your sanity. That's what.<br><br>My dishwasher has been broken for a month. It is half-filled with water and there is mold growing on my dishes. When I called to complain, they told me they'd call me back to make an apointment.<br><br>Never happened.<br><br>I've called several times. Apparently "Only managers can make appointments" for maintainence work. And managers are NEVER there.<br><br>If you've got another option, please give it a try first. You'll only find heartache and stress at Stillwater.
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