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Parc on Center



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Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/07/2017
Do not move at Parc on Center in Orem! Do not make the same mistake my husband and I we made. Here are the reasons why you should not live at Parc on Center *Must read* -Rude manager! -----, the manager, was very nice when she was doing the initial paperwork to lure us in the apartment. But once you're in and signed the papers, she just doesn't care about you or your complaints anymore. She is incredibly rude towards her customers. In my opinion, she is not fit to be a manager. ----, her assistant on the other hand is nicer. It's a matter of time before she gets tarnished by -----. She is -----'s little puppet and she does all her dirty little works. Whatever ----- says is what will be. -Unleash barking dogs everywhere. Not kids friendly. -Dog feces all over the grass. Not a safe environment for your kids to run and play barefoot. -Nightmare parking spots. If you don't find a parking spot as early as 6pm, your chances of finding one are very slim. Every single spots will be taken. Your visitors are not welcome. There's not even a parking spot for them. My sister came over to babysit for us one night, she used the only spot she could find. They towed her car on the basis that it was an unrestricted spot. We paid $200 with "Express Towing" company to get her car back. This towing company they use has the worst review in Utah county. That's how much they don't care. -This location is next to "The Stop" gas station which can be convenient at times. But unfortunately, they share the same parking lot entrance. When the public needs to go to the gas station, they have to enter through Parc on Center's main entrance, which makes the entrance super crowded resulting in constant car accidents. The traffic is so busy there. You worry so much about your kids crossing the parking when they are playing on the grass. -Weird parallel parking set up next to the gas station. You risk getting your beautiful car all scrashed up and ruined. -During winter time, they don't even care to shovel the snow in a timely fashion. -They have a clubhouse. In order to rent it for an event or your kid's birthday, you have to pay 200. 100 deposit + 100 rental fee. They say the 100 is refundable but they also said the same thing with the original deposit you pay when leasing the apt. We cleaned our apt in its entirety and we still did not get our deposit back. -These people will find a way to take your money. They have some additional fees on top of the already outrageous price for their apartments. Now they won't tell you. You just have to find out the hard way like us. That's how dishonest they are. -They have a nice playground for your kids to play in. However you need to watch out for unleash dogs, cats and feces all over the playground. Not so much fun after all. Besides, if you desire to go play with your kids at 7, Be aware there's no light poles in the playground. Not that safe nor kids friendly after all - They have the gym and the pool. The gym was my favorite. They kept it well maintained. They have a nice little play area where your kids can have fun while you peacefully workout. The pool wasn't bad either except at times, it was super crowded. They would often close it for multiple days. -If you're going to school, you have to get your own internet because theirs is not reliable. "Too slow" -If you need to get out of the contract, you need to either give them a full "2 month" notice or pay a fairly large amount to move out. No other options. You can't sell your contract. We are so glad our contract is over and we're all moved. We're glad we don't have to give them another cent out of our hard earned money. Now you've been warned!!! If after all you choose to go live there, you'll be in for a surprise!.... Living at Parc on Center was the worst financial decision my family and I we made. They will financially drained you out. They will find every tactics out there to take your money. Since we moved out, we've been finally able to catch a break. We are now in a better place. Look around and see what your choices are. We made this decision in a hurry without giving it much thoughts. Dont make the same mistake we made. Take your time and find a place where you'll be valued and truly appreciated. There are cheaper and better options out there, trust me. For the way they treat their customers, it's not worth living there.
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Parc on Center

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