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The Boulevard



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/05/2018
I used to love this community. We first moved in when the apartment complex opened (3 years ago), even before all the buildings had been finished. ----- was the manager at the time and he is honestly the best manager we've ever had at any place we have lived. He made this place seem like a tropical paradise, despite the fact that it's just a tiny little apartment complex next to a busy street. We were all happy, and by all I mean every single other person I talked to that lived here loved it. When ----- got transferred up to salt lake, he was replaced with ----, who again was wonderful. She did anything and everything she could do to make sure that everyone enjoyed living here, and for the most part, everyone did. Then ---- moved on, and we got ---.................................. --- is rude, --- is scatterbrained, --- commits illegal acts, and basically doesn't give a ---- about anybody that lives here. --- gave our apartment number to a family that was stalking, harassing, and threatening me, my wife, and our kids. When I came down to talk to her about it she said that the cameras in the complex "just so happened to go down that morning" so that we couldn't see on the cameras how they went to the office first, then to our apartment. --- misplaced our 2 month notice that we were moving out. I had called to just make sure that we were still good to move out when it had been a month and a half since I left it in the office and she told me she wouldn't honor it because she didn't have it. I asked her for her supervisors information, but she just wouldn't give it to me and I had to call up ---- (the old manager) and get it from her. She then retaliated and sent me a letter to vacate. I spoke with another resident who randomly got a notice to vacate, despite the fact that they have never paid rent late. He went in to speak with her about it, and she just said to contact their lawyer, and he would explain why. When he called the lawyer, the lawyer had no clue, and had just been asked to fill out the paperwork, so he was sent back to talk to ---, who again wouldn't tell them. We have had a broken screen door for 6 months, and had asked her 5 months ago if it could get replaced. After about 2 months, somebody finally came to look at it...it took 2 freaking months just for her to finally send maintenance to look at it, that's unacceptable. This place isn't TOO bad. It is in a great location, it does have some ok amenities, and the rent isn't crazy high (it's still kind of high). Right now though, you do NOT want to move in here, not with who we currently have as the manager. As long as --- is here, for your own sanity, stay away.
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The Boulevard

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