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Foxwood Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
Advantages: Close to campus - I walked to school almost every day. Diverse ward - houses, condos, apartments make for a diverse demographic. Management - well-meaning but incompetent, out of touch with student needs. Legend Real Estate is a family business. Nepotism has led to poor management. Jerilyn, the property manager was hired obviously because she is a daughter of the owners and not on account of her ability to manage. It is very frustrating working with her because her actions are seldom logical or consistent. Examples: Contracts - When I first signed on the management offered us a group rate of $12 off each month. This was a verbal contract and they honored it until Jerilyn decided one day not to honor it anymore without telling us. Next thing we saw we had incurred multiple late fees and they refused to honor the verbal contract anymore. They said they wouldn't honor any contract that wasn't in writing. We produced documentation that we had been receiving the discount in the past on our billing statement, but they still refused to honor it saying that it was only valid if it was in the actual contract. Frustrating? Yes. And I still had to pay the late fee on top of the back rent. Cleaning checks - The women responsible for conducting cleaning checks are friends of the family. They charge $30 an hour with a two-hour minimum if you fail your cleaning checks. There is no independent audit of their decisions nor is there any appeals process. In several cases I have seen male apartments "fail" cleaning checks after spending 3 hours scrubbing out a bathtub when female apartments passed that same day even after admitting they didn't do any cleaning. Economically speaking, the cleaning check ladies have the incentive to fail, even to cheat, which means that they will fail students with adequate apartments for the sake of getting gain. The most frustrating part was seeing my apartment fail after putting in hours to clean it up, then the cleaning ladies come in and wipe over the same counter and charge $30 for it even though it wasn't any cleaner than when I did it the first time. I missed my brother's graduation because I had to mop, bleach, scrub, re-mop, re-bleach, re-scrub the kitchen floor and I still didn't pass. One time we took pictures of the apartment after cleaning it, then we took closeup pictures of what they said was "unacceptable" even though the apartment was immaculate. Jerilyn the manager told us that she wanted us to not live there anymore. Other examples of nepotism leading to poor management: No reserved parking spots in the apartments except for the granddaughter of the owners who lives there as well. The one handicapped spot is now marked with a sign saying it is for "Management Only" but is actually for the granddaughter. Utilities are fixed and non-negotiable, we had to pay $200 a month in utilities even if none of us were living in the apartment during that month. Examples: Internet was not working in apartments or condos, when asked by students who the internet provider was, Jerilyn refused to disclose the internet service provider. We are paying for internet that doesn't work and management won't even tell us who is providing it for us. Also, internet always shutdown at 1:00 am. Internet also does not allow for students to log in at any BYU websites including Route Y and Blackboard. Very frustrating. They did throw a nice barbecue or breakfast in the center courtyard a couple times a year. Washer/Dryer nice. Like the pool and hot tub. I am happy to answer any other questions you might have at [email protected]
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Foxwood Apartments

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