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Harmony Square Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
I have never written a review for an apartment complex or the management thereof, but this local merits a few words. The good: It's close to campus, so that's nice, great even. It's a good area, ward was good. It is clean. I knew the rules going into the contract, so that was fine. I never had an issue with paying rent- it is not that difficult. That said, I would not recommend living there for one reason. It's name is Teresa. (For those of you who never had an issue- you are fortunate, count your blessings.) Teresa is the land lady. Some people called her "attentive," that is not an exact description. She is far beyond attentive, and not in a good way. She is frequently around, and watching- like a bored and bitter old man (or woman)- waiting to criticize, insult, and to make up new rules as she see's fit. She is more of a busy body than a land lord... an invasive and rude busybody. She could benefit greatly from crucial conversations and common courtesy training. At first, I'll admit,she comes off as nice, helpful even, but you place a toe over some arbitrary line she has drawn in the metaphorical sand (that I did not know existed, and still don't quite know how I breached) and you're treated like you kicked her puppy in the face. Perhaps I am being dramatic, but I take issue when you bring information to a landlords attention like something is broken, for example, or something could use repair, and the first response is "other apartments have that issue and none of those tenants complain." Or, without going into tremendous detail, I tried to discuss some seriously inappropriate behavior in a constructive manner - like how normal people would try to work out disagreements so that we both could move on and have a respectful relationship at the very least, and she said something along the lines of, "You know, I can make the remainder of your time here, extremely difficult," (I am paraphrasing- but her message was clear- and I am referring to behavior beyond the normal rudeness that frequently accompanied her). Simply put, and in the kindest way possible, she is unprofessional to an inexcusable degree. I know it's close to campus, that's what drew me in, and the cleanliness level unfortunately sealed the deal- but after this experience, never again will I rent from someone without doing more research on them- both in regards to their business dealings and their personal character. I learned a valuable lesson here. It would be a shame for others to go through the same experiences if they do not need to. If that isn't enough- the storage space is non existent, and it is not a very good value.
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Harmony Square Apartments

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