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Harmony Square Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
I will be honest our stay at harmony square has been the worst experience I have ever had as a renter. Teresa treats tenants in the most unethical manner. The sad part is that she knows she will always have another person looking for a place to stay so she gets away with it. Read your contract carefully! Anything and everything that she has written that she can take money from you for she will! If you do decide to stay here take pictures of the walls and everything when you move in so that when you move out you have proof of the original condition. The facts: Before I get into our checkout experience let me just say that the only good thing about this place is that it is close to campus but if you do the math the price she charges (and then with all the back end fees) it would be cheaper and probably a better experience if you lived further off campus and just bought the semester long parking pass. Checkout: She told us upon check out that our apartment was one of the best cleaning jobs she's ever seen. We cleaned for 6 hours the previous day because we heard of her reputation. She proceeded to have my wife and I scrub the apartment even more for 2 hours before checking us out. She told us that sometimes she is there cleaning the apartment with the couples for 4 hours so "we did a very good job" comparably. She told us the bathtub was extraordinary but then proceed to have us clean it again (my wife, her mother, and I had already scrubbed the tub 1 time each). We were good tenants and definitely left the place better than we found it. Teresa still found ways to take money from us. What she does may be legal but it is certainly not ethical. As seen online (see link below) under Utah state law landlords are to specify what fees are non-refundable in the contract. Teresa specifies in the contract the nonrefundable fee for cleaning the "electrical coils" (the fridge coils) but not the cleaning of the A/C unit. She took out money from our deposit for both. Also under Utah state law, it specifies that landlords are not to take money out for damages beyond "reasonable wear and tear". If the use of the fridge (which we cleaned before leaving) does not fit in that category I don't know what does. She still took out money to clean the coils on the back. Again her contract specifies that there is a minimum fee of $25 for repainting. We had no additional holes/marks on the walls when we moved out than when we moved in (we were there for less than 6 months). She charged us $25 for the "minimum" charge and then $50 for both "painting" and "nail hole repairs". We tried to schedule a time before our move out date to checkout but Teresa said she was too busy and that she would need to check us out the day after the day we had planned. She then charged us rent for that day. We had already been charged $150 for breaking contract. I fail to see how she could legally can take this out of our deposit when it was because of her scheduling issues that we could not check out. We were not even living in the apartment that last day. In short. The staff is extremely unreasonable. I have several family members that are landlords (some even in the provo area) who have explained to me the unethical nature in which Teresa has dealt with my wife and I. People like this always have a rationalization for why they behave the way they do; however messed up it may be. And they get away with it because there is a large gap between what is legal and what is ethical. What Teresa is doing to students is very unethical.
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Harmony Square Apartments

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