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750 South 650 West, Provo, UT 84601
750 South 650 West, Provo, UT 84601

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The Boulders



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2015 Not Recommended

Reviewed 07/24/2015

If I could I would give 0 stars. This place is terrible. We came here only because we had no option and then when our lease had a month left they came to our door the exact same day we had just gotten home from the hospital after having a baby and said we either had to resign immediately or get out so we resigned because we were afraid of not being able to find anywhere else in time. Their maintenance doesn't know what their doing, I've actually had a person from maintenance admitt to me they don't do thorough job. They let themselves in whenever they feel like it and go through your stuff, we've had times where we come home to our door unlocked (and we ALWAYS lock it even were home because its dangerous around here.) We have had stuff come up missing. They never come when you request to have something fixed. I have only had them follow thru with fixing something once. Management is all extremely unprofessional, I've had times where we walk in and they ignore us and sit there talking about Facebook. Were finally almost out of here and they refuse to come fix my kitchen sink, I can't wash dishes or cook because I can't use my sink. When the landlord for the place were about to move into called for a reference check they lied to him saying we owed 2 months worth of rent and that we never gave notice (when all of our rent is paid and we gave our notice at the beginning of the month) I had to go over there and raise hell and stand there to make sure they called him back and told him the truth. I'll never come back here, I'll live on the streets before I live here again. DONT TRUST THE WEBSITE, ITS CRAP HERE.
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The Boulders

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