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750 South 650 West, Provo, UT 84601
750 South 650 West, Provo, UT 84601

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The Boulders



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Teresa Paul • Resident 2015 - 2018 Not Recommended

Reviewed 03/23/2018

When I moved in there I moved in there with my teenage children it was one of the worst decisions of my life I seen stabbings drug deals violent Neighbors homeless people living in my backyard I found in one day several pieces of paraphernalia needles pipes you can repaint the ------ but you can't get the ------ out of the ------ I seen neighbors abusing their children lots of mentally ill people that are untreated many drug deals Neighbors that doesn't have any respect police presence is always there doesn't make a difference in safety there though they only go there to arrest people they went from very cheap rent two way overpriced they say it's low income housing will guess what they took advantage of the federal government just to get a remodel and then jacked up the rent my red when I left was like $1,011 and they wanted to update to $1,100 for a tiny two-bedroom apartment the management lady is a power-hungry control freak who shows it to her tenants they do several inspections a year just to spy in your apartment they have dog runs dog parks that people use as their own personal dog run never pick up their dog poop always stepping in dog poop I don't recommend this place to anybody especially children or single women cuz in my time there I've seen serial rapist walking around in the night been there was a lady and murdered a few years ago she was elderly this place is just out of control I'm from a big city and I'd rather live in that big city and feel safer there than I would ever at the bolders maintenance is overworked and underpaid and only fix things half-assed the poor cleaning ladies there's only two of them for the whole property they're really nice there's only one nice lady in the office and her name is Maxine she should be the manager there not Claudia I thought after the remodel of the place would change but it never did don't forget that they say it's low income but it's not they make you pay for anything that breaks they over fined you before you rent their run there's way better places to live in Provo then there
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The Boulders

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