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1801 West 4650 South, Roy, UT 84067
1801 West 4650 South, Roy, UT 84067

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Orchard Cove

1801 West 4650 South

Roy, UT 84067



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2006
I lived in this apartment complex for 9 months. We had to call the cops 3 times on noise ordinance that lasted WELL into 3am. The cops who lived in the building was always screaming at the people across the way to shut up and then it always ended in Roy, PD being called in. My dishwasher NEVER worked and the top basket was completely rusted. My refridgerator's inside the door would never hold anything bc it was always breaking loose. We had some WEIRD smell in our apartment and when we told the staff about it they blammed my pet for it, but soon after that we discovered a HUGE water spot in our laundry room. The paint was sloughing off of it. The vertical blindes in the living room was SO CHEAP they was constantly falling off and I got so irritated with the fact that I just removed them. After I moved out of my apartment I asked the staff do I need to paint and they instructed me that they ALWAYS paint after a tenant leaves. I said okay and went back to my apartment and shampooed the carpets. My apartment was left in good condition. However, six WEEKS later I received in the mail a bill stating that I owed Orchard Cove 700.00. We had to move out due to the military. The contract had a MILITARY clause in it.. they STILL tried to charge us for a months rent. They also charged us for painting the walls, cleaning the carpets and cleaning general. The kitchen's drawers was constantly breaking apart and I finally got pissed and just left them off exposing my silverware. They tried to say I broke the blinds in the apartment and the stupid things was broken from the day I moved in! They tried to fine me for my dog leaving droppings on the grounds when my dog was trained to a LITTER box out on the patio! They said they had EYE witnesses to the incident. My dog is 4lbs and very well cannot JUMP over a concrete wall or does not have posable thumbs or so I know of. A few weeks before moving out I discovered we had a registered sex offender living in our complex and I contacted Orchard Cove about this, they said they don't allow people with felonies to live there and he some how got in.. talk about POOR screening! I have children and to think a registered offender was living RIGHT in front of the play area just makes me SICK. <br><br>I will NEVER rent another apartment after this experience. They charge you to clean, but when you move in the apartment still smells like the prior tenants, you have to fight w/ mold/mildew if your in a basement apartment and you have to pay 700 a month for amenities that half the time work. <br><br>If your used to living in a tuna can then this place is for you..if not..rent a house.
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Orchard Cove

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