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Fox Point in Old Farm

514 East 4090 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84107



Former Resident · 2016 - 2018
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Office Staff
I lived in the apartment for close to two years. I kept the apartment very clean. Before vacating the apartment I spent significant amount of time to clean the apartment and handed over apartment better than the way I received. After vacating the apartment, rental office team acknowledged that apartment is kept very clean and deducted $90 for partial clean/carpet clean and additional $50 for few marks/scratches on the kitchen counter. The move-out-statement was shared after performing the thorough inspection of the unit and was shared 4 days after I vacated the apartment. Luckily I took photos of all the places where there were issues at the time of renting the apartment and I shared all those photos to the maintenance team mentioning that these spots were already there before me entering the unit. Maintenance team acknowledged that they are aware of all the issues in each and every unit, and they will not be charging me for the spots which were previously made. After I showed all the evidences taken in the form of photos to the rental office team, they returned $50. They contacted me again after 15-16 days after closing the "Move-Out-Statement", mentioning that carpet had smoke smell and I have to pay $95 to get it cleaned. How can someone charge me twice for carpet cleaning? First of all no one in my house smokes. When I communicated this to the rental office, they mentioned that it was not the smoke smell, but it was cooking smell. 1) No community will charge tenants after closing the "Move-Out-Statement". This is the first community who is trying to charge previous tenants 15 days after closing the move-out-statement. That too twice for the carpet cleaning. 2) They tried to charge me $50 for the marks which were previously available. Had I not taken photos at the time of entering the apartment, then there was no way "rental office" would have agreed that these were previously made. 3) Maintenance team would be definitely capable enough to mention the quote for cleaning the carpet as they have done thorough inspection and gave the cleaning price one week after I vacated the apartment. I agreed to pay the amount ($90) for the carpet cleaning which was mentioned in the move-out-statement without questioning. 4) I get a sense of feeling that someone must have "made a mess" after me closing the move-out-statement and now rental office is contacting me, by making me responsible, instead of they bearing the charges by themselves. They are approaching me with something which is a non-measurable parameter, by saying smoke/cooking odour on the carpet. I am very disappointed by the multiple charges made by the rental office to its previous tenants. This is completely unacceptable.
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Fox Point in Old Farm Manager


Hi Ravi Yadav, Feedback is important - especially when it helps us improve. So thanks for sharing about your move out experience. Can you call or come by to discuss further?

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Fox Point in Old Farm

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