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Jefferson School Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2007
The apartment itself isn't too bad. Everything is new, which is always nice to have, but you can tell its cheapy made (due to low income levels here). The parking is a nightmare. We have two cars, and one covered spot. So the other car has the find another spot which is really hard to find. There are about 8 spots outta the whole complex that you can park in (uncovered). 2 days after our car was parked there, we noticed it was missing and they towed it away. All the uncovered parking is 24 hour parking apparently, and we didnt know (no signs no nothing) There is a towing service that goes through the parking lot about 10 times a day to see if you are parked there more than 24 hrs and they will towe it. My car got booted the other day and it was 88 dollars to get off. My boyfriends car was the one that got towed and it was well over $200 dollars to get back. There goes half of our rent money! If there isnt a parking spot, you have to park on the road, which is like a block and half away and not very fun in the freezing cold or if you have food to bring in. Thank god we are moving out of state so we dont have to deal with this awful TOWING SERVICE?? They are blood sucking vulchers!
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Jefferson School Apartments

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