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Jefferson School Apartments



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carter81811 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2007
The apartment is very clean and new. Its all very cheap and fragile so be careful. Comes with lots of features but you pay for all of them. Great looking apartments a great value if you don't drive. (note: the noise is pretty bad, worth mentioning if you're a light sleeper) <br> I don't like to be one to complain but fact is if you have more than 1 car, you can't live here safely. There's 1 open to everyone spot for every huge BUILDING. It's totally unacceptable (they have numerous spots reserved for ridiculous things that are always open but will get you towed in minutes) but worst of all the company they hired to tow/boot the cars are merciless. They are out to get anyone and everyone. They are unprofessional, threatining, (very threatining don't approach them) and some don't speak a word of English (and you have to try and talk to them to get the boots off). They are out booting and towing people daily (havent gone one night without seeing em)<br> You think with all this people would just follow the rules. The thing is most of the rules aren't marked on the spots (like 24 hour only parking on the free spots, they'll tow you on hour 25) There's no sign so you don't know. I learned the only way it seems you can. My car was towed. It was a very unpleasent experience, cost 306 dollars and did damage to my brand new car. The office didn't apologize or even seem to care.<br> They have used up all the space in lots for garages that cost 30 dollars a month and have a waiting list you'll be on longer than your lease. <br> I think the deal they have with parking enforcement is to profit off the people living here.<br> You can park on the street but if you get home late (even as early as 8pm) you will be taking a walk through a very rough neighborhood for 3-5 minutes (not fun in the cold or carrying something)<br>Also car break ins on the street are common.<br> Over its really close to downtown, right on the freeway, very new! washer and dryer is great, new everything, nice clubhouse but you might want to conisder selling a car if you have 2. It's really hard to manage. Also some of the low income renters can be pretty bad (there's more than 1 alcoholic prowling around, very talkative). Its a good deal for certain people but just know its not all that it seems. I can't wait to get out of here. Just to learn all the parking rules has cost me more than my rent and I'm just waiting for the first break in.
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Jefferson School Apartments

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