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Jefferson School Apartments



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marquiedes • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2007
I ve only been a resident of the apartments for a very short amount of time and I ve already been treated very poorly by the management. I too fell victim to the predatory towing scam Jefferson School Apartments has established with their towing company. I signed the contract on a Monday and had to go out of town that same day. We went over parking but never once was it made clear that the open spots, which are very few, are on 24 hour maximum parking time limit. There are no other signs or markers indicating that towing will take place after 24 hours. <br><br>To top everything off I m paying a substantial amount of money each month to live there and they don t even have a designated parking space for me available. They placed me on a waiting list for a spot with an indefinite amount of time to wait. So I didn t have anywhere else to park besides in the street. Which, with one look at the neighborhood, you would never let your wife or children walk alone. <br><br>My car was towed and my concerns fell on def and unsympathetic ears with both management and the towing company. I came back the following week with all of my belonging to find that my car had been towed from the apartment I just started paying to live at. If this is the treatment I can expect to receive after having only been a tenant for a week I can only imagine the remainder of my contract time. I m currently looking for legal advice on how to rectify this obvious abuse of illegal towing and mal treatment of tenants.<br><br>I strongly recommend everyone considering living at these apartments do so with extreme caution and plenty of research before signing your year contract. There is a sufficient amount of people suffering from the same problems to confidently state that it s not an isolated incident. I do not recommend living in Jefferson School Apartments. There are plenty of other options available without all the problems associated with Jefferson.<br><br>I can not in good conscience rate this apartment with anything but the lowest rating. <br>
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Jefferson School Apartments

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