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Jefferson School Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/06/2007
I first moved in when other buildings were under construction. Being that this area was once a very bad part of town, I inquired about security. I was advised that there is "24 hour security - on site". Interesting enough, about a month later, the rims of my brand new car were ripped off, and the car dropped. I was never advised of these thefts after specifically asking. Then when it came time to fill out a police report, I had learned of multiple other rim-jackings. Ridiculous and unfair to me when I asked an honest question. Later on in the lease, near it's end (thank God), I had a neighbor beneath me that complained anytime a noise was heard (from fart to toilet flush). I dropped a spoon one night while making dinner, and the next day management left me a love note inciting that I had been in violation of my leasing agreement for noise. I received four more of these, each time I asked to discuss the problem but was ignored by the management. One of the notices said that "someone" had tipped them off that I had animals (which I'm allergic to - my hands swell up, it's ugly). All of this was done without investigation or mediation between all parties involved. After the third notice they threatened eviction, at which point my lawyer did the talking and I never had a problem with them since. It's a good place to live if you're quiet and keep mainly to yourself. Invest in a six month lease, see if you like it. Granted the rent can increase at the leases end, but the risk is too high to expect your management to back you up when you need them. Hell, I had the police called on me three times by the same neighbor for the same senseless problem, "making too much noise", at 7 pm. Even the cops felt the management were negligant. OH! And the walls ARE fairly thin. I can tell you that three out of four neighbors have a very healthy sex-life (except for the complainer beneath me - that should be obvious). PS: There have been a few signs of roaches in my bathroom, check yours too. And the heating insulation is the worst. Makes for very expensive winters.
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Jefferson School Apartments

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