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Park Capitol



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Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/17/2009
We moved here a few months ago and downsized from our 850 square feet one bedroom one bath with our own washer and dryer in the unit for $625/month to this 700 square feet one bedroom one bath with no washer or dryer and it averages about $970 a month with rent and the bill you get for sewer, garbage, etc. I know much of it is location which is obviously the best part, right by the temple, but if my husband hadn't insisted we would be somewhere else, and now he wishes he had listened to me. From the pictures the apartments look amazing and very fancy but even the maintenance guy told me they were cheaply done. The hardwood floors are nice looking but when we moved in probably five floorboards were sticking up and the floor isn't even either. The insulation here is horrible and you constantly get very strong cold drafts in the winter which makes it very expensive to heat. When we first moved in you couldn't even take a full shower without the water running cold, they fixed it somewhat but it still doesn't last if I have to wash my hair and shave my legs. Also the shower/tub looks like it is the only thing in the apt that doesn't fit since it wasn't remodeled, it had mold in it when we moved in and the drain stopper doesn't work. When these were built they did not even think about storage! The bathroom has no drawers and only a tiny space under the sink, no linen closets and no pantry. Cupboard space is limited in the kitchen especially if you cook, so you have to be very creative. The room and closet are nice sized but we had to store one of our couches because the living room only fits one. The last thing I will complain about is a weird smell in our room that we have never had in all our apartments and it will not go away! We have torn it apart looking for the source and can't find anything. Before we moved here from another state (we had friends and family that were already here help us find a place) we were told by the management the construction would be done by the time we got here and the hot tub would be up and running. For the first month and a half we were here Monday through Thursday we were woken up around 8am by jackhammers in the garage right by our bedroom window and the hot tub still isn't fixed. Also the mirrors and pictures make the fitness center look huge but it is probably the tiniest one I have ever seen and the management is constantly coming in and out because this is the way they enter their office and break room. Therefore I would much rather live in a cheaper less fancy place and drive a littler further then pay almost $1000/month for this nicely painted box!
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Park Capitol

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