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Sky Harbor Apartments

1876 West N. Temple

Salt Lake City, UT 84116



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2007
Having read all the other comments, I'll try to address those in particular. <br><br>Maintenance. I've had three maintenance issues. The first was in my first week there (insufficient pressure in the shower head). It was fixed within 24 hours and has worked great since. The second was another story. Over a period of time, I noticed that every time my upstairs neighbor flushed, water would drip on my toilet from a vent. I found this just as I was leaving town and was told it would be fixed. A week later, when I got back, they said it was fixed but had no record of the repair (it was not fixed). Again, the order was sent in and this time fixed (fixed the upstairs toilet connections). Since they had previously dinged me $50 for being a few HOURS late on rent one month, I took them up on their maintenance guarantee offer of 3 days rent (a little less than $50). Third was a broken sprinkler valve outside that was fixed before I put in a request.<br><br>Office staff: Very congenial but (as a rule) inflexible in policies. I find their meetings a bit frustrating since I am trying to do business during business hours and there is NO ONE to even let me in the lobby. The meetings are not always on Friday. <br><br>Safety issues: I have not had much of a concern. So far, the closest thing to crime was a woman who was scamming in the apartment complex seeking a "gas money loan" to pick up her family some distance away. I can see how others might feel unsafe with some of the residents, but I have lived in military neighborhoods that were worse.<br><br>Water heater: SMALL. I take a shower that depletes the heater. If you are quick, it is not an issue. To reveal my excentricity, I have not used a heater in the apartment in the two winters here (including this year when we went more than 2 weeks below freezing). The apartment never got below 48 (I have a thermometer that records mins and maxes) even though it was single digits outside.<br><br>Things I like: Price is reasonable. Covered parking is great - means no ice scraping. There are multiple gas grills outside (two within 10 yards of my front door) that do a great job of cooking a steak. Occassionally, there are treats (popcorn - cookies) in the office. There are three computers in the community center for resident use (with some quirking control procedures).
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Sky Harbor Apartments

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