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San Tropez Apartments



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Resident 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 02/25/2013
I have been in San Tropez for a short while and I already have a few concerns. The insulation or building materials seem to be very cheap as I can feel the cold radiating off of the outside walls and windows. You can actually feel it rushing in through the electrical outlets on the outside walls. I am lucky that my upstairs neighbors (I'm on the second floor) are relatively quiet, because I can hear every footfall they take, every door they open, and every dish the set down. I can't hear individual words and conversation, but I can hear plenty of noise. I can get used to this without too much trouble, but it is dissappointing for a "luxury" community. The appliances have all worked just fine, though they are all very standard, nothing fancy. I have noticed what others seem to have found with the carpet: tacks not placed correctly so they poke through the carpet. My little girl got a nice puncture in her foot. The pro's of the community are considerable regardless of the cons: 1) The area is great for walking with The District being right there. If this is a priority for you, you will enjoy this aspect. I enjoy being able to get a bit of excersize. 2) The community setting is clean and quiet. Despite being in the middle of a shopping center, it feels safe, clean, and controlled. I am not afraid to walk to and from my car with my daughter at night. I am not afraid to walk to a resteraunt through the parking lot at night. 3) The non-smoking policy is very nice (probably less so if I were a smoker). Aside from not having cigarette butts litering the area, there isn't the typical balcony-smokefest occuring. It lends to an upscale atmosphere. Sorry if that sounds judgemental. 4) I have found the management to be quite helpful. Liz explained to me the rather ridiculous water fees associated with the community. Having owned a home in South Jordan previously I am aware of their water utility fees. Liz also expressly stated their notice-to-move-out policy, which I have noted seems to have bitten a few people here. You must give 30 days notice even at the end of your lease, or they will continue charging you. While this seems stupid to me, it was at least explained, and it is something I agreed to do. 5) The neighbors are quiet and friendly. Perhaps it is because it has been a cold few weeks, but I haven't seen many people out and about. Those who are out are walking dogs, and they've all been cleaning up after their furry friends. I haven't seen any trash or waste in the common areas. I'll amend this comment as time goes by to give a fair and accurate report of the facilities. Overall it is expensive, but as a single mother who has dealt with assault in the past, it is worth the money to live in a secure and upscale area. The cheapness of the building material only extends to the walls (in my apartment) and I can live with that.
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San Tropez Apartments

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