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Bridgeside Landing



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
I would absolutely not recommend the apartment complex to anyone. My wife and I moved to Utah from Pennsylvania and we decided to rent while we search for a house here to buy so naturally we looked for somewhere that would allow us the shortest lease possible and that's how we ended up here since they offer 6 months as opposed to one year that other places wanted. The first thing I was discouraged about was that they told us they do not allow dogs so because of our circumstances we reluctantly decided to part with our family dog since we moved here because of our jobs and with they family and the limited time we had to relocate. Only to find out after a few days later that other people there had dogs. We asked about this and was told it was a new policy they instituted for new tenants because they wanted to change the complex to exempt dogs, we let it go and few weeks went by and we saw a new tenants moved in besides us with their dog...frustrated! we just let it go. They other problem was the climate in two of the 3 bedrooms. The master bedroom was fine but the other 2 bedroom was so cold in the winter even with the heat on, the only way to circumvent this was to leave the bedroom doors open. Because we knew we would only be there a short time we decided not to complain and just lived with it since it was for our kids and they certainly don't mind sleeping with the bedroom doors open. The finally thing that was completely disheartening was that after we moved out... It took about 9 months for us to find a house we both loved but in the mean time we decided to stay out of a lease a went month-to-month which cost a bit over $100 by not having a lease. Finally we give our one months notice and moved out on 11/24/2014. With all the stuff we acquired while we lived there plus finally moving our belongs from Pennsylvania it ended up being two major move we had to do and naturally an awful lot, plus the added stress that comes with moving. It seems no matter how much you plan for your move something goes wrong. Now I don't know if it was actually our mistake but I'm giving Bridgeside Landing the benefit of the doubt. They claimed they sent us our finally utility bill which went unpaid and as a result they referred our account to a collection attorney. We never received that initial bill, just the one from their collection attorney on 1/16/2015 which included attorney fees, late fees plus interest bringing it to $196.76 from the original bill of just $96. We called Bridgeside Landing and asked if they can waive the fees since we never received the initial bill and if we did it was an obvious oversight because of all the stress in moving, enrolling the kids in new schools etc, etc, etc. We always paid our rent way before the payment due date (which they confirmed). But no matter how much we pleaded it all fell on deaf ears because they just stood their ground and with no empathy or compassion just kept saying once it's referred to the attorney there's nothing they can do, which being a previous business owner I know was a lie. I had delinquent clients that I sometimes had to refer to my collection attorney to have them collect and outstanding account for me, naturally because a letter came from an attorney 90% of my clients paid and my attorney charged the clients some additional fees on top of a small percentage they charge me when they recoup my money. Because it was a two way relationship, at anytime I could contact them and tell them to cancel the collection request, and that's just so I can save my client some unnecessary expense so I know they could do the same but they refuse. Anyways, I'm wring this in hopes that someone else can benefit from the lesson I've learnt. When you move out of there you should go straight to the administration building and see if they can generate a final bill right there and then, if not put a reminder on your phone because moving is stressful and your best efforts sometimes fail in unpredictable ways, and they certainly will not hesitate to refer your account for attorney collection. Would have been nice if they sent out a reminder bill or call since they already have all my info but they are not that professional and quite frankly don't give a darn.
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Bridgeside Landing

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