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Bridgeside Landing



Resident · 2016 - 2018
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
When I first moved in this place was AMAZING! The front office staff was friendly as well as the manager. She was firm but fair and was on task. They have always kept the grounds looking beautiful minus the forgotten back building. The maintenance staff are always nice and have even helped me a few times with my car. Seeing how these are section 42 low income apartments you wouldn't expect them to be as well kept as they are. NOW fast forward to present day and things have changed drastically! The manager/Cowboy properties well have taken away anything that used to be enjoyable about living here as well as any bonuses. We used to be able to enter a contest for $100 off our rent if we paid before the 1st ot the month. Now that is gone and replaced with a stupid kids coloring contest. Kids don't pay the rent people! I think they also have taken away the $200 referral bonus as I don't see the signs for them. Quiet hours are from 9am-9pm yet the new garage company comes as early as 7am and the new law care comes as early as 8am. Okay, so I can't be loud or anything but, you as a property can? Makes sense! Also the new garbage service bins are tiny! And the yard care takes hours now because they have to use regular household lawn mowers where as the last company had industrial ones that took less time. Noise complaints are an absolute joke here since on site security isn't here 7 days a week. They used to walk the grounds now they sit in their car or in the clubhouse watching TV. I have yet to see 1 walk the property at night anymore. Another budget cut I'm sure. Me and the basement neighbor have complained multiple times about our middle neighbors parties, yelling, screaming, breaking stuff, talking and laughing loud all hours of the night and yet nothing is done. That is unless your late on your rent. I have a friend who lives here as well, with the same issues with her upstairs noisy neighbors. But is anything done? Nope! Children run and ride their bikes in dangerous ways between cars and all over the street. No parental watch. In years past our rent has not increased more than $15-20 a YEAR this year it increased $80+!!!! Profits over people and yet this is a section 42 low income apartment complex...
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Bridgeside Landing

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