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Callaway Apartments



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CSE2016 • Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2016
Hidden fees, overpriced, shoddy quality, and disrespectful, even hostile, attitude toward tenants. Avoid! Hidden Fees: They charge you water/sewer/trash, but don't tell you until after you're already fairly far into the rental process. This is normally included in rent at reasonable apartment complexes, so when they quote you the rental price, understand that you'll need to add $90 for that, plus $30 or $40 or so in other fees. Deceptive way to quote people a lower price, Callaway. Overpriced: Over $1,000/month (taking fees into account) for a just-under-600-sq-ft. apartment in Taylorsville -- on a lease! (Month to month, add $150 or so a month.) Shoddy Quality: New apartment rebuilt right before I moved in, and wall-mounted fixtures (towel rack, TP holder) fall off of the walls because the drywall is cheap and soft and can't hold them. Maintenance came in to fixed it, and it fell back off after he left. Read other reviews for more on quality and maintenance. Hostile Attitude: Incredibly disrespectful, inconsiderate, and hostile attitude toward tenants, but veiled under friendly initial treatment. They are really nice when you're moving in or passing by, but they turn quickly at the slightest hint of a problem -- whether it's on their end or yours. We were scheduled to move out in the middle of the month, and paid our rent and extra fees in full. We were model tenants, perfect payment record. Yet yesterday morning we got a threatening NOTICE TO PAY RENT OR VACATE stating that we had not paid enough, and owed a $130 late fee. When I demanded to know what payment I had not made, management eventually backed off and told me that they send 90 of these out every month, and that they fully know that it sometimes hits people who are paid in full (because their software does not account for pro-rating or any other reductions). When I suggested they change this, I was informed that, essentially, they don't care because it is useful -- it allows them to have the paperwork already served in case there is a problem in the future (!). For example, if they are scheduled to move out in the middle of the month but don't. When I presented to management the fact that they had, essentially, issued legal eviction threats to me because of their own miscalculation, the person at the Management office gave me a blank stare and informed me that this is just how they do things, and that they deal with a lot of people complaining about this. They were not apologetic, but held to their line that it works well for them in case we don't move out on the scheduled date. They did agree to waive the late fee, since we were not late, so thank you Callaway for that "gift."
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Callaway Apartments

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