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Callaway Apartments



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drhufflegem • Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/12/2017
There was a lot of violence and criminal activity in this neighborhood. I never felt safe. There were little fees they never told me about and i had to pay for a covered parking i never used. It's next to a busy loud road but there is one grocery store just down the street. There were a lot of random people having large yard sales on the side of the street that I'm not even sure if they lived there but it brought a lot of sketchy people around. I was between jobs and had to go 3 weeks late on rent but they kicked me out instead of giving mercy. I was then charged 3 times as much as they said they would for the move out fee and billed for damaged I did not cause. The management is only nice if you somehow managed to never get on their bad side, then they are the -----!!! I worked out a repayment plan paying a certain amount back to them after I moved out with no time limit in agreement. 6 months later they said I had to pay back the last 1,200 some dollars in a week or they'd take me to court.
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Callaway Apartments

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