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Callaway Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2017
I am very upset. I just signed a new lease and regret doing that. I commend the friendly staff and they seem to not wait for issues to come up that need correction but when it comes to safety issues it doesn't seem to rate ANY concern they SHOULD be taking seriously but don't! Not long after I moved in there was a murder and they put out notes informing residents but left out details such as those that murdered the girl actually live in this complex! Now, while not to be excused, I tried not to let that scare me. I finally have had the opportunity to enjoy one of the emenities I pay for only to watch teens who DON'T live here just climb over the gate and just let themselves in. One time one of them acted like he intended to do me harm for asking to see their key I knew they didn't have hense climbing over and unlocking the gate so why do we pay rent to that part of that rent pays for the pool if people can just clinb over and let themselves in and enjoy what I pay for?? Unified Police are useless so you can't call them! So we are left with an equally useless "security"! First time they reacted and came out but of course no one found the punks! Happened AGAIN today, called the "security" and I get as soon as I have an officer, no one showed up and I called them again and the dispatch guy was sarcastic and didn't seem like he gave a crap and sarcastically said he could send one when ever he had one, or he won't send one at all, guess he opted to pay me back by NOT sending anyone so yep they KEEP getting away with ILLEGAL TRESPASSING which if they commit a crime outside of that act it becomes BREAKING AND ENTERING!!! I no longer feel safe and the concern that is given is none! Unless they do something to change this (management is well aware of this problem), I will finish my new lease and I will leave here!
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Callaway Apartments

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