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Callaway Apartments



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dyse • Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/12/2018
DO NOT MOVE IN HERE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Over the course of my lease my vehicle has been broken into 5 times and the office refuses to acknowledge this. They refuse to repair the lights in the parking area and they refuse to install camera's. Keep in mind the lights work near the leasing office but NO WHERE ELSE. The office keeps a thin veneer up to entice people to think this is decent but it's not. 2 years ago a girl was murdered during a drug deal. ( ) 6 months ago a homeless shelter in the nearby woods caught fire. the appliances are ANCIENT and rarely work. the washing machine i pay to rent has broken down twice and they refuse to replace it. the carpet has peeled up from the floor and probably older than me. The apartments are grossly overpriced and poorly maintained. Despite all these failings they continue to spend money on superficial improvements like new trees and flowers in front of the office. many tenants refuse to pick up after their pets and the office responds by posting notices on everyone's door to rat out their neighbors, rather than take any actual action to remedy the situation. They post eviction notices on your door for simple clerical mistakes. for example they "accidentally" posted my rent payment to a different account and in their mind i didn't pay. I IMMEDIATELY got an eviction notice to pay an additional 400$ on my rent or vacate the premises in 3 days. This was quickly resolved once i provided the receipt of my payment but what kind of business gives a 3-day eviction notice as a first step? Your utilities are also going to be sky high because the apartments leak like a sieve and the apartments are probably smaller than advertised because of the 2 inches of paint on the walls. This place is horrible and the management is horrible, the apartments are grossly overpriced. Spend any time here and you'll notice that they can't keep any tenants to save their lives so they've simply decided to focus on superficial aspects just so you'll sign a lease and get nailed down before you realize how terrible they are. This is a failing business that is going to drag you down with it, like a drowning victim shoving their rescuer underwater to get a breath of air. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE. DO NOT REWARD THIS BEHAVIOR. DO NOT FALL VICTIM LIKE I DID, GO ELSEWHERE. I created an account here simply to warn people.
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Callaway Apartments

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