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Mark Twain Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 04/02/2012
We've lived at Mark Twain for 5 years, and have had an overall good experience. The space is huge for the price we pay. And in the remodeled units, the carpet, paint, cabinetry, and appliances are all new. The staff is generally helpful, although they seem to be limited on how much they can really do by "upper management" who is never around. We've had a few things over the years we have been less than impressed with, but overall, the value and general living conditions are worth it. Some negative feedback: The complex doesn't inforce the private parking spot rules, or smoking rules very well. There are smokers on landings frequently. Because of the affordability, there tend to be a lot of lower income residents, who are less respectful of other people's property, time, and space. Arguments can be heard in the parking lot or common areas about once/month. Repairs or maintenance work can take a week or so. And we've had a few occurances where we've waited weeks. It seems like most of the time the maintenance people try a "quick fix" first, and then have to be called back in to fix it properly. The air conditioning and furnace are extremely old. We have $250/mo electric bills in the winter just to keep the temperature below 80 degrees when we are in the house at night. Unless you have upgraded carpet, your carpet is going to suck. Bleach stains, food stains, blood stains that have been bleached out. A lot of stains that won't come out even with multiple cleanings. Landings and stairwells are old and shaky. Although the staff seem to have "rules" established by upper management that they have a hard time getting around, they are generally very nice and want to help as much as they can. I think the owners are short on money.
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Mark Twain Apartments

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