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Mark Twain Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 05/11/2013
I fell in love with these apartments when we moved in. The space (square foot wise) is wonderful! located next to the Jordan River Parkway. There are many Great people that live here. we signed a one year lease, then when it was up a 18 mo lease, and regrettably another 18 month lease. The first problem was the screen in our front room window, it popped out and would not stay in. Maintenance came and "fixed" it, it came out the next day. With one of the first windstorms our screen flew into the bushes in front of our apartment and got holes in it due to the bushes. (we will of course have to pay for that) Maintenance refused to come and fix it cause screens are supposed to come out. WE FIXED IT BY JURYRIGGING IT IN PLACE. (and watch our cats very closely in the window since they have jumped up on the window seal and almost fell out the 2 story window) Another Common problem is smokers smoking in the stairwell. they smoke right outside the window and the smoke comes into your apartment. The complex doesn't enforce the distance smokers should be (I think its by the parking structure a few feet away from the building) I can't have my windows open without smoke coming in. Problem 3 they send out newsletters that say "In the next few months we will be coming by to do inspections this is the only notice you will get" They knock once and then come in. I was home and was surprised when I was getting up from the couch and they were walking in my apartment (they were of course looked surprised to see me in my apartment)Yeah I hadn't answered the door the instant they knocked so they decided to walk in. Problem 4 Their hours suck! They have an okay gym. that is located in the basement of the office. hours for the gym (and office) are 9am-5pm if you have a job you most likely won't be able to use the gym. Their laundry (right next to gym with a common door connecting them) is open 24/7 with the key they give you upon signing the lease. The Pool is pretty small and almost always crowded up until close at 10pm. (not good for any kind of swimming due to the kids splashing and playing not giving you room to swim) problem 5 Lately they have had the drop box closed in the office. You have to pay rent during their business hours. if you are 3 days late you get a note from them "pay within 3 days or vacate" (this pissed me off, 3 years of never being late this was our first offense this after seeing that our neighbors get these notices for MONTHS because they don't pay rent then they skip out in the middle of the night) Problem 6 It depends on how you look at it of course. The police seem to know us here in Mark Twain. There have been arguments with drunk people people being arrested, etc.. (this mainly started with one neighbor that later skipped out on rent) Problem 7 (pissed me off) we live in a floor plan that doesn't have laundry, they can install it in the master bedroom linen closet (ONLY IN BASEMENT APARTMENTS) We were told as we were signing our last lease that we could have one of them installed in our apartment. I got super excited so we signed our 18 mo lease, they told us a few days later that we couldn't have it installed because we were not a basement apartment and they don't install them unless your a basement apartment. (18 mo with no laundry. They have a laundry mat but we don't use it after the time we went to switch our laundry and there were our clothes on the counter, our washers were empty..) Other then these few instances they are okay apartments for what you pay for. They do have a pet policy and they welcome big dogs too. (neighbor with a Black Lab, another with a pit bull) They do not say anything about caged animals in the lease so you can have caged animals without pet rent. We own two cats and some caged rabbits (who come out to play when we are home)the pet rent is $25 each for cats and dogs. These Problems could be resolved if they would get off their butt and enforce their own rules and change some hours. like I said before many GOOD People live here. if you don't mind putting up with some crap for a good king sized apartment come join the community.
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Mark Twain Apartments

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