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Aspen Pines Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/01/2016
DO NOT MOVE HERE. I know they show a video showing this place but it's one apartment that the purposely cleaned up and fixed up to look perfect on the video. same with their laundry mat its all nice and perfect in the video. but I can tell you that video must have been taken years ago.nowadays the kids who live here run around with no supervision. they go into the laundry mat with mud and smear it all over the floor, walls, washer and dryers. on a couple of occasions they have broken into the fire extinguisher and sprayed the whole laundry room including inside the washers and dryers. and there's no management on the property to go to to get it cleaned up or to complain about it. If you call them you just might if you're lucky get a live person most of the time you don't. you leave a message you might get a call back but very most of the times they don't call you or do anything to take back the control the kids have around here. The kids broke the windows out of the laundry mat and they only put a piece of card board in it's place. It stayed that way for 5 months. The dryers broke and I had to call them for a month before they fixed them. one of the picnic pavilions that you see in the video is no longer there because the kids climbed on it until they broke it down. they do the same with the car ports , climb on top of the carport and break them down. a lot of the fences are broken down also thanks to the kids. there is a farm just west of here that's sometimes they break that fence down. and we have had cows and chickens wandering around on this property from that farm. Not to mention the smell of that farm. the kids are so rude, vulgar, disrespectful to adults its I don't like going outside. they have gang fights in the playgrounds. They like to play , Drive by shootings, where one kid rides by the playground on his bike and pretends to shoot the other kids. as for the apartment they have ants, roaches, and spiders.the apartment managers won't do anything about the bugs here. they just put in their newsletter not see eat anywhere but the kitchen to avoid attracting bugs. I have ants in my laundry room I don't recall ever eating in there. they won't replace the carpet regardless of how long you've lived here. regardless of what damage was done to the carpet. Regardless of whose fault the carpet was damaged. The walls soak in water and that is what caused the damage to the carpet in the bedroom. They also have bad plumbing here. We have had sewage floods and that's what's caused the damage to all of the rest of the carpets. they have Electrical problems here as well. due to that fact one of the buildings had a fire this past summer. they say that there is management on this property but there's not. you have to call them or email them and if you're lucky you'll hear back from them.I am so glad that I'm almost out of here. There are better places for similar price or less nearby go there do not move in here. as for pet policy depends on their mood sometimes they allow pets sometimes they don't. they don't know what ends up. example they have these storage units on the property that people who live here can rent for $15 more a month. about a year ago I came home to find a note on my door from them asking who has storage units because they don't know.
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Aspen Pines Apartments

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