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Cascade Springs

2812 West 8580 South

West Jordan, UT 84088



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2010
I moved here fairly recently after having spent a lot of time carefully choosing a complex. It looks nice from the outside and is actually nice on the inside too- when I moved in it was amazingly clean, and I even had a welcome bag sitting on the kitchen. The complex is only 10-15 years old I think, which helps. I've since been impressed by how quiet the complex is. I'm in the 1 bedroom section, and it is overall extremely quiet- rare to hear a stereo blasting, no large crazy parties- this complex doesn't really attract those kind of people. A few times some people have had their movie bass/surround system/whatever on too loud, but that's the worst of it. I also feel very safe in this area. If you go north past 6200 South it gets a little more sketchy, but the location of these apartments is in a less densely populated residential area and not much crime happens here. Safety was a huge concern to me and the area here is very nice. The actual street is a bit barren with old houses and industrial stuff, but surrounding neighborhoods are great. I also like that the complex is not on a main road and isn't obviously visible. When you enter the complex there is a sign for "crime-free housing" which is a program the complex apparently is doing which is great. Tons of shopping on 90th and at Jordan Landing. I have been a little disappointed in the sound transfer. I can hear the person's TV below me and muffled, light conversation, but it's not enough to really bother me and not as bad as other places I've been to. Everyone is great about being quiet late at night. The cement stairs in the stairwells are annoying- once when some kids were running up and down them it sounded like the building was being torn down. They transfer a lot of noise and vibration, as do the actual floors in front of the doors. I will warn that train tracks are directly behind this complex. They are currently being converted to dual train and TRAX lines, which means that once completed all the freight trains will be running at night. However, I have only vaguely heard the train a few times while living here and only once heard it distinctly early in the morning. Either I'm sleeping through the one or two a night or they aren't that loud. I would really caution against moving to the most north-west buildings in this complex because a TRAX study noted they will have the most noise even after the soundwalls. Of course this will all cease to be a problem if we get a quiet zone! Also, the west side of the apartments is right next to the Dunford Bakery, so with that and the road out front you do hear occasional semi-truck noise. Snow removal is adequate here, and sometimes people fill the garbage way too full before pickup which is annoying. There are washer and dryer hookups which is GREAT, and the w/d room has doors enclosing it. I really like the "brushed-steel" doorknobs on all the doors, and the closet in the 1B is HUGE. The "club quality fitness" room is really three treadmills/stairsteppers and a weightlifting station thingy in the back half of the office. It's small, and everyone can see you. There's also a pool and a jacuzzi which I've never used. Each person gets an assigned, covered parking space, and each stall has a lightbulb above it which hopefully deters breakins/car theft. The heat here is gas, the AC electric, and the AC unit sits awkwardly out on the patio. My bills seem average compared to friends, though I expect my summer AC bill will be crazy. Other good things... we have a community newsletter and a few activities, and management actually seems on top of things. Furnace filters get changed regularly, maintenance calls are answered quickly...landscaping is trimmed, it's kind of amazing, actually. I would recommend that you make sure things are clear when you move in. I was a bit confused regarding what was the "rent" and what was "rent plus water/sewage/trash." Also, the first floor units are really "half-basement" style with part underground. Commute is okay. West Jordan has a traffic problem, and during rush hours roads like 90th can be quite crazy. I'd say it takes about 10 minutes to get to I-15 with all the lights, and then you can go to where you need from there. All in all, I've been very impressed. Having lived in other apartments and knowing how CRAPPY they can be, this place is, in comparison, fabulous.
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Cascade Springs

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